MT Manager 2
MT Manager (VIP) 2.10.0 Apk + Mod for Android

- Signature verification was removed by replacing the method of saving the settings + a method was found that should be called from the native
- Implemented VIP import function jks (so far there is only one error connection to the server failed, because the current method does not allow the implementation of other errors, if you are sure that you entered everything correctly, then your device does not support. jks, use .bks
- Implemented saving in hex editor
- Signature receipt for VIP signature verification function implemented
- Implemented XML decompilation (not perfect, wait for future releases)
- Implemented decompiling with 2 decompilers (jadx, fernflower)
- Added landscape mode (fixed by auto-rotate key in the curtain)
- Do not ask for an update

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APK Editor Pro
APK Parser (PRO) 1.10.0 Apk + Mod for Android

This mod is our collaboration with tilks
Modification From tilks
Additional functions
General editing fix on Android 9+
Fix for arrays and other fixes
From me
Fix path
Correction of the XML-Beta editor
Protection is completely disabled
Cleaned up resources
Corrected the translation into Russian
Other fixes
new aapt from Mr Ikso
APK Editor Plus by Leyzymoy with Dark theme
Based on APK Editor MD by Zeratul
Modification of the APK Editor where additional functionality is implemented
Ability to sign APK file
Ability to change AAPT
Ability to change Jar
Ability to clear your search history
Ability to add debug information (LongClick on the patch button will start adding debug information)

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