march of empires android cover
March of Empires: War of Lords 7.3.0d Apk for Android

1 – The game is internet and online – the internet is always needed to play.

2- The game is run on LG G3 with Android 5.0 (Adreno version). You can also download the game after running it and announce in the comments that it is on a certain phone so that other users can download more easily.

If you encounter a license error: go to the phone settings and the apps management section; By clicking on clear cache, clear the cache of the two Google play service and Google play store programs; Activate your filter-breaker and run Google Market and finally search for March of Empires and click on download to download a few kilobytes (by downloading a few kilobytes the license of the program is created) after this stop the download And use the installation file and data here and run the game easily and without license error.

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