2gis directory navigator cover
2GIS: Offline map & Navigation Apk + Mod for Android

Works on Android 4.1 and higher;
Optimization for weak devices;
Removed unnecessary languages (only Russian and Ukrainian remained);
Removed unnecessary graphics and garbage;
Removed various tracking, analytics, measurement, debugging information and crash litycs;
Removed ads from the application;
Removed unnecessary splashes;
Compression + Zipalign;
The manifest is cleaned;
Removed extra libraries.

categoryApps, GPS
yandex go cover
Yandex Go — taxi and delivery 4.118.1 Apk for Android

Languages: be, en, ru, uk
Platforms: arm7+, x86
Deeply optimized graphics application
Optimized manifest application for better performance
Analytics services stopped working
Modification is untied from Google Services
Root detection blocked
Signature changed

categoryApps, GPS