xperia music walkman cover
Music 9.4.9.A.0.7 Apk + Mod for Android

Application name on the desktop and in the curtain
Desktop icon and status bar
Picture from above
Changed some icons
Installation on non-Sony devices
Removed red inscription on top (in beta versions)
Maximum Compressed / ZipAlign
Removed duplicate graphics (left by hdpi)
Removed languages other than en / ru
Debug info removed
Google Drive works

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music recognition premium cover
Music Recognition (PREMIUM) 1.5.4 Apk + Mod for Android

● Removed banner ads.
● Unlocked color options.
Able Disabled unnecessary recievers.
● Standalone android package.
● Cleaned firebase trashes.
● Removed debug info.
● Disabled analytics.
● Custom signature.
● Cleane apk file.
● Total APK size 3.68Mb.

categoryApps, Music Players