MT Manager (VIP) 2.14.0 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of MT Manager

MT Manager is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone, such as managing files, modifying software, translating applications, editing text and so on.

The main functions are:

- File management, such as file copy, move, delete. If you give root privilege to MT, you can access the system directory, remount the file system as read-write, modify file permissions and owner.

- Open the ZIP file like WinRAR. You can delete, rename, move, add / replace external files to the ZIP without decompression and repackaging, and decompress files in the ZIP.

- Text editor, picture viewer, music player, font previewer, script executer, text contrast and other functions, in the sidebar you can easily view the storage device, FTP connection, bookmark, background, tools and so on.

- Many powerful APK editing features, like dex editor, arsc editor, xml editor. you can also sign apk, optimize apk, clone apk, remove signature verification, confuse apk resource, anti-confuse apk resource, translate app.

What's news

  • Upgrade minSdkVersion to 21, Android 4.x system is no longer supported from this version onwards
  • Upgrade targetSdkVersion to 30. Affected by this, the extension package of the terminal emulator is no longer available. You can only create a system shell and call the system's own commands.
  • The text editor's floating menu supports customization (display style, menu sorting, menu hiding)
  • The text editor adds a range search and replacement function (first select a piece of text and then click range search)
  • Text editor syntax highlighting does not limit text length (uses local highlighting algorithm for large text to optimize memory usage)
  • Text editor tabs are aligned by width (alignment width = space width * tab size)
  • Dex++ search function supports setting a list of paths excluded from the search scope
  • Dex++ code navigation now displays current class information, and supports finding call locations, finding subclasses, and copying class signatures.
  • Optimize the file upload and download speed of SMB function
  • Optimize Dex repair function to support more error type repairs
  • Optimize the Class file editing function to support opening files of higher versions
  • When optimizing batch decompression, if each file has the same password, you only need to enter the password once.
  • Download MT Manager mod apk

    Download apk - 21 MB
    Download apk - 17 MB

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