Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena 1.6.37 Apk for Android

The description of Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena

1. New Area: Crossroad
2. New BR Gameplay: Escort & Quick Strike
3. New Weapon: LAPA
4. New BR Vehicle: Hover Bike
5. New Operator Skill: Ballista EM3
6. Weapon Optimization
7. New Feature: Left-handed Tactical (MP Only)

Battle as you take the field for the ultimate showdown in celebration of our 3rd Anniversary in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10: World Class!

[New Area: Crossroad]Classic Call of Duty (COD) map, Crossroads, will be added to the map list. Players can experience fast-paced combat in this snowy arena.

[New Weapon: LAPA]A submachine gun with high accuracy and reliable damage, but low bullet speed. Use attachments to adjust its bullet speed and power.

[New Battle Royale (BR) Gameplay: Escort & Quick Strike]This mode consists of two rounds. Players will participate as either the attack team or the defense team. The defending team must prevent the attacking team from escorting the Truck to its destination. The team that successfully completes more escort missions to the destination will be the winner.

[Battle Royale (BR) New Vehicle: Hover Bike]A single-seater vehicle that hovers over both land and water. You can maneuver freely in the Battle Royale arena using this latest vehicle.

[New Operator Skill: Ballista EM3]A laser weapon with high penetration power. Able to detect enemy positions by predicting enemy tracks and inflict lethal damage by gathering power.

[Weapon Optimization]Added a Screen Vibration tool to provide a sharper and cleaner gaming experience, and strengthened the performance of Hipfire and ADS Fire.

Optimized performance and animation when firing continuously. Optimized Optical Sight vibration when firing continuously to enhance gaming experience.

[New Feature: Left-handed Tactical]Players can use throwables with their left hand instead of switching weapons (MP only).

Download Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena
Download zip - 2052 MB

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