Unleash Your Ludo Skills: How to Make Real Money Playing Online!

unleash your ludo skills how to make real money playing online

Mobile games have become a brilliant way to bust stress and take a quick detour from the daily hectic world. You can play mobile games at your convenience. All you need is a smartphone and suitable apps. One such venue where you can spend quality time playing games online is Ludo. This classic board game has always kept us hooked on any occasion. What if you can play it online and earn money? Fascinating. The real question is how to make real money from playing Ludo online. Worry not. Here is a quick guide to learning how to play this board game professionally by mastering specific winning skills. First, we will determine the requirements for playing Ludo online and earning money.

Things You Need to Play Ludo Online

  • A smartphone with the latest version

First of all, you will need a smartphone in the modern category. Make sure your phone is compatible with the major apps that let you play Ludo online. The best part is that even the latest smartphones with minimal configuration features can easily run mobile gaming apps without lag. These apps are quite light and do not pressure the mobile's CPU. So, make sure you own a phone with a better battery capacity and a good screen for using the controls.

  • Ludo apps

This is where it becomes interesting. You will need trusted Ludo apps where you can develop your skills and start playing this game at a competitive level. To find such apps, check the app stores or become a part of the Lduo communities online. The expert players will give you references to find the best apps where you can play a real money Ludo game. Download a suitable app at the beginning that offers proper features. Make sure the app's UI is easy to understand to learn how to play this board game online. Please note that all the apps follow the conventional rules of this board game but make some exclusive transformations to make new variants. These Ludo variants have rules that are a little different from each other. You may get bonus moves, special boosts, etc, to win a game. A traditional Ludo game takes hours to complete. These online Ludo versions take a few minutes to complete. So, download and install a suitable Ludo app that conducts online tournaments.

  • Learn the rules of a Ludo variant

The next step is to learn the rules of the Ludo variant you have chosen. As mentioned, the online variants take very little time to complete and have rules different from conventional ones. So, focus on learning the rules of moving tokens and using bonus moves. Some variants may also allow you to roll two dice simultaneously. You can distribute the outcomes among your moving tokens. Some variants might ask you to roll a lucky wheel. The outcome will determine the blocks your tokens will move.

  • A stable internet connection

A stable internet connection is mandatory to participate in online competitions uninterrupted. You can either use a Wi-Fi connection or a stable SIM service.

Tips to Enhance Your Ludo Skills

After arranging these things, you only need your free time to play this board game online. The real question is how to develop your Ludo skills to win contests. Check out what the experts have to say. 

  1. Moving the tokens safely

The first step to developing your skills is to focus on the gameplay. Check how the tokens move on the board and remember the moving techniques. Use your dice roll outcomes properly and use them effectively. This way, you can move all the free tokens cautiously on the board. Your prime aim is to move the tokens to the end point or final destination before anyone does and win. While doing so, the opponents will try to attack and kill your tokens. Moving the tokens safely should be your prime focus.

  1. Spreading the tokens on the Ludo board

How can you tell that a Ludo player is winning a contest? What is the sign on the board that depicts one's control? It is the distribution of the Ludo tokens that explains everything. You will try to free all your tokens on the board and start distributing them in specific locations. If you distribute your tokens evenly on the board, you will significantly reduce the chances of being attacked by the opponents. This intelligent move will also help you gain control of the entire board. The opponents will become overcautious to move their tokens, and eventually, you will win.

  1. Use the safe zones

You are already aware of the safe zones of a Ludo board. These zones are designed to keep your tokens safe from opponents. You can call it a peace zone for all players. If you place your tokens in these safe zones, you will get complete control of the ongoing tracks that lead to the final destination. It means an opponent will feel reluctant to move his tokens out of the safe zones. The same situation is true for you, too. Try grabbing the safe zones with multiple tokens to halt the opponents' movement and control the outcomes. This strategy is called blockade. Use this strategy to move your tokens freely while arresting the opponents' movements in specific locations.

  1. Try moving your tokens close to each other

The best move in Ludo is to distribute the outcomes of dice rolls among all the tokens and move them closer to each other. Avoid placing tokens in the same place and getting attacked. Move the tokens by being aware of the safe zones and the positions of the opponents' tokens on the board.

Compete in Ludo Contests and Win!

You are all set. Practice playing Ludo online on the no-stake tables. Play with the AI opponents offline to sharpen your skills. When confident, open an account to participate in the online contests. Submit the entry fee and play against players worldwide. Remember, the bigger the tournament, the bigger the prize. So, keep calm, focus on your winning strategies, and win every game to stay ahead of the competition and win big prizes.

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