Summary of the most complete GTA 4 cheat code table

Grand Theft Auto IV is an open-world action role-playing game with a storyline that is considered the best in the series of the same name. Game developers have also favored players by supporting cheat codes to help you easily overcome difficult tasks or simply have a more enjoyable game experience. Follow the article below to see the full information of GTA 4 cheat codes!



I. Overview of GTA 4

GTA 4 , also known as Grand Theft Auto IV, is an open-world action-adventure game where players can participate in missions and interact in the game. GTA IV was published by Rockstar Games , launching on April 29, 2008.

Summary of GTA 4

Summary of GTA 4

This is the 4th version in the series of games of the same name Grand Theft Auto. The game is set in the city of Liberty City with the main character being Niko Bellic . A former soldier comes to the US to work but accidentally joins the world of crime, gangsters and bribery and he is trying to overcome all circumstances to have a better life.

II. Summary of GTA 4 cheat codes

1. How to enter GTA 4 cheat codes

Unlike previous versions, the main character must perform the quest ” It’s Your Call ” to get his phone. After the mission is successful, you can use your phone through it to enter cheat codes in GTA IV game.

Unlike previous versions, the main character must perform the "It's Your Call" quest to get his phone.

Use your phone to enter the cheat code

You can enter the cheat code in the game by: Double-press the up arrow key (Up) twice on the keyboard to open the main character’s phone and enter the codes below.

2. GTA 4 cheat codes table

Summary of GTA IV cheat codes

Summary of GTA IV cheat codes

Entry code  Uses 
4825550100 Blood and Weapon Command
3625550010 Blood and Armor Command
4685550100 Weapons (advanced)
4685550150 Weapons (rude)
2675550100 Order of absolution (removal of stars)
2675550150 Order increase 1 crime (code increase 1 star)
3595550100 Command helicopter Annihilator
9385550100 Jetmax boat command
2275550142 Cognoscenti . car command
2275550175 Order of cars Comet
2275550100 Order of car FIB Buffalo
2275550160 SuperGT . sports car command
2275550147 Order of cars Turismo
2275550142 Order of cars Cognoscenti
2275550168 Order Super GT . car
6255550100 Order motorcycle NRG-900
6255550150 Motorbike order Sanchez
4685550100 Command to change weather (choose from 8 different weather types)

Through the article on Apkses has guided and informed you to synthesize the most complete GTA 4 cheat code. In addition to the above codes, if you have any good codes, don’t forget to leave a comment for everyone to refer to.

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