Latest Code Soul Knight 2022 | How to receive and enter the code

Soul Knight is one of the games that requires the player’s concentration and sharp reflexes when passing the stages. This is also one of the reasons that this game is loved by players. Not only that, the publisher always launches Soul Knight codes with attractive gifts. Please follow the article to know how to do it.

Instructions to enter code Soul Knight

Instructions to enter code Soul Knight

I. Latest code synthesis

Last updated time April 13, 2021.

Expiry date left100000500 gems
Expiry date leftSKGIFT500 gems
Expiry date leftSKNIGHT488 gems
Expiry date leftSKBACK999 gems
Expiry date leftDUOSHOU500 gems
Expiry date leftDRUID999 gems
Expiry date leftNDAYSK800 gems
Expiry date leftKLWYX666 gems
Expiry date leftXNYDJ500 gems
Expiry date leftXMAS2017666 gems
Expiry date leftSFESTIV888 gems
Expiry date leftDCDYX333 gems
Expiry date leftVDAYKLE600 gems
Expiry date leftZSDHM500 gems
Expiry date leftZYBGX800 gems
Expiry date leftHMBSJ369 gems
Expiry date leftQDKYS577 gems
Expiry date leftDXGTM600 gems
Expiry date leftNEWHALL999 gems
Expiry date leftBYETIGER777 gems
Expiry date leftGOSDA666 gems
Expiry date leftDESTLAD1111 gems
Expiry date left18NTD1010 gems
Expiry date leftROMMO800 gems
Expiry date leftBIGMOUTH

Titan Arum


500 Gems

Expiry date leftFLOWERS5 Heptacolor Viola
Expiry date leftGDX6K888 gems
Expiry date leftJINKELA3 Fertilizers
Expiry date leftNERD7Z

3 Ironstone

3 Timber

1288 Gems

Expiry date leftIROBOT

5 Parts 

5 Battery

515 Gems

Expiry date leftEN3FKZ

5 Ironstone

5 Timber

1888 Gems

Expiry date leftMIAO555 gems
Expiry date left3HA1S1000 Gems
Expiry date leftWIERD

1 Ironstone 

1 Timber

888 Gems

Expiry date left70YEARS777 Gems
Expiry date leftOBSESSION1888 Gems
Expiry date leftUNFORGET1111 Gems
Expiry date left19NEWYEAR999 Gems
Expiry date left2THANIV1000 Gems
Expiry date leftFRBK1666 Gems
Expiry date leftTDY8E888 Gems
Expiry date leftCGDTH700 Gems
Expiry date leftT74SC888 Gems
Expiry date leftKNTQE1000 gems
Expiry date leftSUPER5

555 gems

3 Free Trial Vouchers

Expiry date leftWISH

500 gems

1 Heptacolor Viola


Expiry date leftWEAPONS

1 Vine (Plant)

1 Green Onions (Plant)

1 Carrot (Plant) 

Expiry date leftGARDEN

Oak Tree

1 Ironwood

1 Gear Flower

Trumpet Flower (Plant)

II. Instructions on how to enter the code

1. Quick Guide

In the game Soul Knight click on the Settings icon > Click on the code icon > Enter the code you have and press confirm.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: At the main interface of the game Soul Knight, click the Settings icon .

Tap the settings icon

Tap the settings icon

Continue to click the code icon in the menu list on the left.

Click on the code input icon

Click on the code input icon

Step 2: Enter the code you have and click the V icon .

Enter the code you have

Enter the code you have

Step 3: So, you have successfully entered the code!

Enter the redemption code successfully

Enter the redemption code successfully

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Above is an article to guide you to enter the Soul Knight code quickly and simply. Hopefully the article will help you update the latest Soul Knight codes and receive attractive gifts. Good luck!

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