The most complete and detailed Skyrim cheat code synthesis

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game loved by many players with attractive action role-playing gameplay. However, not everyone has enough time and patience to clear the game. The following article will summarize for you the most complete and detailed Skyrim cheat codes to help you easily complete this great game.


I. Game Information

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game . Revolving around the player will play the role of an unknown warrior, writing his epic story on the journey to destroy the evil dragon Alduin , the monster predicted to destroy the world in the future. With impressive Gameplay, the graphics quality was appreciated at the time of launch, helping the game receive many different awards.

II. How to enter the Skyrim cheat code

To enter cheat codes for Skyrim:

  • Press the “~” key to access the console and type the Skyrim cheat codes below. Then press “Enter” to apply.
  • Keep pressing the “~” key to close the panel.
  • Replace “#” with numbers from 0-9 to activate cheats with corresponding values. Enter the skill name before the “#” value to specify the skill to cheat.
How to enter Skyrim cheat codes

How to enter Skyrim cheat codes

III. Skyrim cheat codes 

1. Skyrim cheat codes to add resources

  • AdvancePCSkill skillname #: Add levels to your skills.
  • player.addperk ########: Add perk (skill points) to the character.
  • player.modav Dragonsouls #: Add dragon souls to your skills, improving your screams.
  • advskill #: Adds a skill level to a certain amount of experience.
  • duplicateallitems (click inventory\NPC and copy RefID): Duplicate in-game items.
  • player.additem [ItemNumber] #: Gives the player a resource type (e.g. gold has an ItemNumber of 0000000f, lockpicks of 0000000a).
  • player.setav speedmult X: Increases the character’s movement speed (X represents a percentage value).
  • AdvancePCLevel: Level up your character.
  • player.modav carryweight #: Set the carry weight.
Skyrim resource cheat codes

Skyrim resource cheat codes

2. Skyrim cheat code to change status

  • psb: Unlock all spells.
  • Setownership: Take ownership of the specified object.
  • SexChange: Code to change character gender.
  • caqs: Automatically complete all the main tasks of the game.
  • tgm: Activate God Mode, the player will be “invulnerable” to everything.
  • removeallitems: removes all equipment of the specified NPC.
  • Setpcfame: Increases the character’s reputation.
  • Setpcinfamy: Decrease character reputation.
  • player.setav stamina #: Set the character’s stamina.
  • player.setav Health #: Resets the character’s health.
  • player.setcrimegold X: Set the gold level to value your life (set high if you want to fight, set low if you want freedom from being hunted).
  • player.setav Magicka #: Set magic power
  • player.modav heav #: Increase the weight you can carry.
  • saq: Start all quests.
  • movetoqt: Teleports you to the mission target.
  • coc qasmoke: Teleport to the test room (Bringing you to the test room with all the in-game items. Be careful when opening armor and enchanted weapon cabinets may cause your save game to fail).
  • tfow: Enable/disable fog during battle.
  • TG: Toggle the grass in the game.
  • unlock: Unlock everything (Unlock anything that can be locked by entering the unlock code and then clicking on the thing you want to unlock).
  • Player.IncPCS [Skill Name]: Increases the level of a specified skill.
  • lock X: Lock cabinets/doors.
  • COC: Teleport to a point in the game (eg COC Rivertown).
Cheat code for changing status in Skyrim

Cheat code for changing status in Skyrim

3. Skyrim cheat codes to place orders

  • tfc: Switch to “freefly cam” mode. The character disappears and gamers can look around every corner or get a close-up look at the face of a dragon.
  • player.setscale #: Code to change character height.
  • help “NPC Name” 4: Set a name or ID for an NPC or companion
  • Kill: Quickly kills the specified enemy.
  • killall: Destroy all enemies around you.
  • resetinventory: Reset the specified NPC to factory settings.
  • resethealth: Fully heals NPCs.
  • player.resethealth: Restores the player’s full health.
  • Resurrect: Revives the destroyed target.
  • player.setlevel #: Set the player level.
  • player.setav * skillname * #: upgrade a specified skill.
  • setessential 1: Set the ID code for the NPC.
  • STR #: set the target’s visibility value.
  • player.placeatme X: Spawns an NPC at your location (Replace X with NPC ID).
  • TDetect: Toggle AI detection (You can steal all you want and no one will see you).
  • TAI: Transforming artificial intelligence AI (freezes NPCs, they can’t walk, move, or act anything).
  • tcl: Toggle collision detection (This will turn off collisions in the game).
  • TCAI: Switching Combat AI (This is the same as the TAI code above, which limits the NPC’s fighting ability).
Ordering code in Skyrim

Ordering code in Skyrim

4. Some other Skyrim cheat codes

  • fov x: Adjust the viewing angle.
  • help: List all commands.
  • qqq: Exit the game immediately.
  • help keyword #: Search by keyword (“#” is the mode to search by. The modes are listed in order of help each time you use it).
  • showracemenu: Display abbreviated menu.
  • tmm 1/0: Show/hide all map markers 1 = show 0 = hide.
  • enableplayercontrols: Enable player controls (Use this code to enable controls to play game footage).
  • tm: HUD menu toggle (On/off Alert Display Menu).
Some other Skyrim cheat codes

Some other Skyrim cheat codes

Hope the above article has guided and informed you to synthesize the most complete Skyrim cheat code. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck!

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