Summary of the most complete and detailed AoE 3 (Empire 3) cheat codes

For gamers of the 8x – 9x generation, when it comes to the game Empire 3 (ie Age of Empires – AoE 3), you must be no stranger to it. Let’s learn more about the code in this game.

Code in the game Empire

Code in the game Empire

I. How to open the command entry permission

In order to enter the codes in the game, the player needs to enable the code activation feature in the settings before starting the match. First, players click on the Setting box , continue to click on the Enable Cheating box to enable the function of using the code in the match and start the match.

Players should enable the Enable Cheating feature to enter the in-game code

Players turn on the Enable Cheating feature to enter the in-game code

When the match starts, you just need to open the Chat box by pressing Enter (or click on the 2 trumpets symbol in the upper right corner) and enter the correct code, then press Enter to complete the code. command you want to enter.

Note: The code in the game Empire only applies to the game mode between Man and Machine (PvE) .

How to enter the code when entering the match

How to enter the code when entering the match

II. Codes used in the game Empire (AoE)

1. Command codes related to troops

  • Big Momma: Summons a shooting sports car (white), very powerful.
  • Bigdaddy:  Summon a shooting sports car (black), as powerful as a white car.
  • Stormbilly:  Summons a battle robot.
  • Big Bertha:  The catapult (rock crane) has increased range and rate of fire.
  • Pow Big Mama:  Summon children to shoot powerful guns.
  • Hoyohoyo:  Increases witch’s running speed by 6 times and increases health by 600.
  • E=Mc2 Trooper: Summons nuclear minions, roughly the same power as a car.
  • Dark Rain:  Bow A (2nd soldier in the palace) can move on water and turn into a tree. In addition, also increased health and range.
  • Pow:  Summons children to shoot guns (weaker than Pow Big Mama).
  • Black Rider:  Horses Archer (Horse C) after death will turn into a crane cannon (rock crane).
  • Photon Man:  Calls the soldier to shoot the laser.
  • ConvertThis! Upgrade a normal witch to a witch who calls thunder. The speed of travel is equal to the speed of a sports car.
  • UpsidFlintmobile:  Bow horse (R Horse) has increased movement speed and fire speed.
  • Flying Dutchman:  All types of boats can move on land.
  • Medusa:  After death, farmers turn into bow soldiers, dead bow horses turn into stone cranes. (3 generations of farmers).
  • King Arthur:  Turns all eagles on the map into Dragons.

Car call order

“Bigdaddy” ride order in Empire

2. Resource-related commands

  • Pepperoni Pizza:  Get 1000 food (meat in the game).
  • Coinage:  Get 1000 gold (gold).
  • Woodstock:  Get 1000 wood (wood).
  • Quary:  Get 1000 stones.

Order for in-game resources

Order for in-game resources

3. Commands of other functions

  • Macro:  Command to open the whole map.
  • Black Death:  Kill all enemies on the map.
  • Steroids:  Increases harvest speed (except farming, building houses, fighting, repairing houses and boats).
  • KillX:  Kill player X (X is the number of players in the game).
  • Reveal Map:  Opens the full map (like the Macro command) but does not have vision of the enemy team.
  • No Fog:  Opens full map view.
  • Natural Wonder: Control weather – nature.
  • Nosound:  Turn off all sounds in the game.
  • Nomusic:  Turn off game music.
  • ICBM:  Increased range 
  • Grantlinkspence:  Kill animals with 1 hit (1 shot 1 kill)
  • Polo:  Open the parts of the map that have passed.
  • Gaia: Can control all wild animals… but can’t control people.
  • Hari Kari: Surrender.

Command to open map

Command to open map

Recently, I have introduced to everyone the commands in the legendary game Empire (also known as Age of Empires – AoE). If everyone likes it and wants to contribute, please leave a comment below. Wish everyone have a good experience when experiencing the game.

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