Guard Of The Light 1.09 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Guard Of The Light

Guard of the light defends the world from an all new more dangerous army of invading Darkness. Power up all guns in new ways to overcome the Dark Lord's ever-increasing strength.

Guard of the light invites you to an exciting fantasy world. Your mission is to save the world by defending the light.

The dark future is our games battle arena.It was expected, the aliens will come for us.They did!When people were getting ready for the biggest battle to defend our world, we understood what their main goal was not to destroy us but our LIGHT!

These aliens, which coming from a different universe, has only one aim.Stealing our light! This civilization which believe the fire is the child of the sun and have been looking for the light in all over space has found what they are looking for in our world.Since these aliens came, our light have faded day by day and finally got complete dark. While we gave up and getting ready to surrender, he came! Guard of the light!!! This guardian is a friendly alien who is coming from the civilization of the sun and he is the only way to save our world.He is the god of the civilization which devoded theirselves to protect the sun.

There is very little light in our world today and to defend that from enemies is your mission. Don't forget that your enemies are wild, brutaland and their only goal is to beat you and steal your fire.People are not brave enough to fight but they are willing to help you.Be aware of parachutes that bring you some help. Except these, don't forget, you are alone!

In Guard of The Light, you will find yourself in an exciting fantasy environment.Get ready.As an alien yourself, you are the only one who knows how to beat other aliens. Remember you are one and the only hope for mankind.

You can move left and right, can change your weapon during the battle and use them to shoot aliens.Also you can choose 2 types of towers and use them against enemies.Don't forget to track how many bullets you have during the battle.Remember, if you get too close to enemies you can die.Use wisely the battle ground to not to miss any parachutes that bringing you some help.You can renew your health, bullets and towers by using this help. No matter how many bullets you have, your talent to aim, the amount of aliens you shoot and how well you defended the fire will affect the future of the game.You should focus on, aiming as good as you can and shooting as many enemies as you can!

Using upgrade options as good as you can is up to your strategy ability.Especially in further levels, how well you upgrade your items is very important.You need to collect too many red bars to be able to upgrade.You can get red bars by completing levels successfully and completing missions in the game.

Welcome to a fantasy world! Now it is time to start the battle and defend the light against aliens of the darkness!

The Game
-Shooting and tower defence
-20 long and hard levels
-8 different guns
-3 different towers
-A perfect design
-Learn quickly and defend the world!!!

Mod info

Unlimited Money

What's news

Tower Defense Bug Fixed.
Privacy Policy Added.
Ads Fixed.

Download Guard Of The Light mod apk

Download apk - 33 MB
Download apk - 33 MB
Download mp4 - 14 MB

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