Color by Number – Poly Art 4.8 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Color by Number - Poly Art

Low Poly Art - Color by Number, Number Coloring is one of free color games of unicorn poly jigsaw puzzle. Combining characteristics of both low poly coloring games and low poly jigsaw games, it is one of free games of coloring puzzle for girls and boys. It is suitable for kids, adults, granny and grandpa. It is one of the best choices for those who love low poly painting games and low poly drawing games, and those who are interested in low poly art coloring and pixel art coloring.

As a sandbox number color game, Low Poly Art - Color by Number, Number Coloring is a low poly art book covering low poly art, pop art and cartoons. It is also a coloring book for you to color vibrant animals, vivid plants, beautiful landscapes, pretty women and teens, history celebrities, pop stars, famous paintings and fantasy creatures like unicorn and monster.

# How to Play:
1. Identify color, number and shape of polygon patches.
2. Find out where it should be placed on the canvas of line art.
3. Drag the patch to corresponding position to poly color the artworks.
4. When poly coloring is finished, tap the correct icon to complete the poly painting.
5. Enjoy the poly artwork. ^_^

# Features:
1. One of the free art games that offer up free puzzles and premium puzzles.
2. Premium puzzles can be unlocked through weekly subscription or one-time purchase “Unlock All” (which includes current puzzles and future updates of puzzles).
3. Coloring number can be turned on or off by tapping the digit icon. You can play it like number coloring games, jigsaw games or pure shape pattern recognizing games.
4. If you get stuck, you can tap on the tips icon to find out its corresponding position.
5. Sometimes some tiny patch might seem missing, you can use the clean icon in settings to return it to the bottom color ribbon.
6. If you prefer better atmosphere when playing, you can turn on background music. Amble music could be relaxing and healing.
7. It achieves some 3D effects through light, shadow and gradient of low polly art.
8. It is among free girl’s games of colring games like pixel coloring and polygon coloring.

Low Poly Art - Color by Number, Number Coloring is one of fun games that help you kill time in solitaire, relax you from annoying pressure, forget pains and uneasiness and bring peace and concentration. It is a fun game in both happy times and hard times.

Mod info

Opening the monetary section = complete

What's news

Bugs fixed and improved graphics.

Download Color by Number - Poly Art

Download apk - 36 MB
Download apk - 36 MB

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