Perfectly Clear 4.3.7 Apk for Android

The description of Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear was designed to help every photo look its best without the work.
You have a lot of choices when it comes to photo apps. But most are either overly complicated, time consuming to use, or makes your images less than picture perfect. Perfectly Clear is not your ordinary editor. Perfectly Clear packs powerful editing tools in an easy-to-use package that works for professional photographers and recreational shutterbugs alike. Features like Intelligent Image Correction take all the complicated editing steps down to a single tap, giving you a share-worthy selfie or a brilliantly captured sunset in an instant. All of Perfectly Clear’s 18 corrections happen automatically, so you can get professional-looking photos on the go, and share those perfect moments faster - anytime, anywhere!

How Perfectly Clear Makes You and Your Images Look Their Best - Faster!

* Unlike other apps, our powerful technology provides all these edits automatically, so you don’t have to spend time making manual corrections. (But if you enjoy having the freedom to adjust details, you still have the ability to fine tune any image to your preference.)
* Counteracts Your Camera's Limitations Automatically
* Powerful presets eliminate complicated editing steps

* Ideal for creating the perfect selfie and portrait, Perfectly Clear’s Beautify button offers instant removal of blemishes, dark circles, shine, and red eye.
* At the same time, it enhances and whitens eyes and teeth, smooths skin and enlarges eyes. It even adds catchlights and face contouring
* Automatically detects gender, age and facial features to apply accurate corrections so you still look like you

* We all want great-looking photos, But sometimes your smartphone doesn’t quite get the job done. Perfectly Clear brings out the colors and light you saw when you caught the moment, highlighting the beauty that was always there.
* Gives you realistic and natural life shots that aren’t fake or have that “photoshoppped” look

Perfectly Clear is patented automatic image correction based on technology that's used over 30 million times a day, 7 billion times a year, by professionals and large labs around the world.

Now you can produce perfect photos without time-consuming edits. And with powerful presets, you can even salvage shots you used to delete.

* We’re a bunch of image scientists and math wizards passionate about light, physics, and natural no-filter photographer.
* What’s behind our award-winning technology? 16 years of R&D, over 10 patented processes, and 18 unique algorithms.
* We cracked the code on correcting every pixel independently. It’s as if your 12-megapixel photo was taken with 12 million separate apertures.

Stop using complicated photo editors and apps that leave your images less than perfect. Download Perfectly Clear, The World Leader in Intelligent Image Correction now, for the share-worthy images you want!


See all the features in detail here:

Praises For Perfectly Clear:
Allows you to perfect your images, effortlessly"
-Huffington Post

"Can take a boring photo and make it amazing!"
-John Poz,

"May have you rethink what it is possible to do with your phone's camera... the best money you can spend on phone-based photography."
-James Oppenheim (James Games and contributor to NBC show)

"Does things well that separate it from the pack"
-USA Today

"The immediate impact was miraculous - like a strip of dull film being removed from the top layer of the image leaving pure, jeweled color beneath."

What's news

* Fixed issue preventing the app from opening in Camera mode
* Fixed issue running on devices with Intel processors
* Fix issue where images could be saved with random filename

Download Perfectly Clear

Download apk - 38 MB

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