iWalkToo Premium: Walk Tracker & Pedometer 1.41 Apk for Android

The description of iWalkToo Premium: Walk Tracker & Pedometer

iWalkToo pedometer records the number of steps (step tracker) you have walked and displays the calories that you have burned, walking distance, walking time.

The pedometer has a reward system to encourage you to increase your walking distance more and more, encouraging you to make more steps each day on iWalkToo step tracker.

Step Tracker How to use

- Press start button to count steps and walking distance or enter your walk manually

- In order to display the correct walking distance and speed, please enter your step length accurately. If few steps are count, decrease step distance. If more steps are count increase step distance.

Pedometer and Step tracker Important

- Some devices will not record steps when they are locked. This depends exclusively on the specifications of each device and it is not a bug of the app.
- If you find errors in number of steps recorded, please adjust the step length.

You can view a graph with steps you have walked and all other information anytime.

Walk Benefits

1. Reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by walking regularly.
2. Lowers disease risk
3. Helps you lose weight
4. Prevents dementia
5. Tones up legs, bums and tums
6. Gives you energy
7. Makes you happy

Download iWalkToo Premium: Walk Tracker & Pedometer mod apk

Download apk - 6 MB

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