DefleMask Mobile 1.1.4 Apk for Android

The description of DefleMask

DefleMask is a popular cross-platform chiptune tracker, now available for mobile devices, for producing music for many soundchips and old school game-consoles and computers.
Every sound that this tracker produces is from pure register writes to the soundchips being emulated, and those sounds can be exported to the real hardware!

You can connect your MIDI devices!
Share your songs and instruments by a simple touch.

Create music for video games now!

What's news

* Add generators for wavetables.
* Better emulation of the ladder effect on ym2612.
* Better size and position for number tooltips.
* Fix FDS waveform scale on oscilloscope view
* Fix ym2612 ADSR attack emulation.
* Fix a save bug with pattern aliases.
* Fix a volume column bug when using FDS macros.
* Fix a little issue with vibrato on Neo Geo.
* Fix annoying pop sound when switching to NES.
* New demo songs by Uhrwerk Klockwerx, Tee-M-Kay and BlueElectric05.
* New intro song by TheDuccinator!

Download DefleMask mod apk

Download apk - 15 MB

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