AI Notes, Ask AI Chat to Write (PREMIUM) Apk for Android

The description of AI Notes, Ask AI Chat to Write

AI Notes, a cutting-edge note-taking app, is your ultimate productivity companion. With its built-in AI keyboard and a floating GPT assistant, AI Notes goes beyond conventional note apps. Utilize voice-to-text and text extraction through scanning for added convenience. Experience AI-driven features like continue writing, correct errors and summarize, making note-taking a breeze. With the power of ChatGPT technology, AI Notes extends its capabilities to help you effortlessly generate captivating social media captions. Elevate your note-taking experience with the intelligence of GPT Notes.

【AI Keyboard Extension】
GPT Notes introduces a groundbreaking AI Keyboard feature, seamlessly integrated into any app. Enjoy effortless editing with cursor movement. Beyond traditional typing, it incorporates AI capabilities such as questioning, expansion, and error correction.

【Floating GPT Assistant】
What sets GPT Notes apart is its intuitive user interface and a floating GPT assistant that's always at your fingertips. You can simply tap on the writing assistant to ask AI any question and get instant responses.

【Generate Social Media Copywriting】
With its customizable tone feature and the help of ChatGPT, GPT Notes empowers you to create engaging captions and posts effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate our note-taking capabilities with your favorite social media platforms and watch your creativity soar.

【Speech to Text】
Need to transcribe voice recordings? GPT Notes Writing Notes supports seamless voice-to-text conversion, ensuring your ideas are captured effortlessly.

【Scan to Extract Text】
Leveraging the power of advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, GPT Notes enables you to extract text from scanned images using your device's camera. Say goodbye to tedious manual transcription and let GPT Notes do the work for you.

【AI Error Correction】
With the power of AI write, GPT Notes provides intelligent autocorrection to enhance your writing accuracy, eliminate grammar and spelling mistakes with precision.

【AI Continued Writing】
GPT Notes is also an expert in continuous association and writing of articles. If you find yourself stuck, AI-powered suggestions can help you overcome writer's block and continue your writing flow seamlessly.

【AI Summary】
Need to condense lengthy text into a concise summary? GPT Notes' AI summarization feature is at your service, extracting the essence of your writing notes with accuracy and efficiency and saving you valuable time.

【One Click Share】
Sharing your content is a breeze with GPT Notes. Easily copy the entire text to your clipboard with a single tap, or generate long images of your notes and save them directly to your device's photo album. Seamlessly integrate with your email app and effortlessly paste your note into the email body.

Experience a new level of efficiency and creativity with GPT Notes, the ultimate note-taking companion for social media content creation. Let the power of AI elevate your writing skills and streamline your workflow. Download GPT Notes now and embark on a journey of seamless note-taking like never before!

- This application is not officially affiliated with any third party, nor is it allowed to do so. This application only provides a mobile interface for interacting with AI Chat.
- This is not Chat GPT, we are in no way associated with OpenAI, ChatGPT or its affiliates.
- We are in no way associated with Quillbot, Grammarly, Wordtune, Jasper AI, Copy.AI, Rytr, Ginger, AI Writer, Writesonic, Anyword, Hyperwrite, ChatGPT or their affiliates.
- We do not collect or store any data used in the application.

What's news

Hi friends! In this update we bring:
- Fixed bugs and optimized user experience.
- We temporarily turn off the AI keyboard function. Because we will redesign it to make it more powerful and will be back online in the near future, please look forward to it!
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us at any time by going to the "Settings->Help and Feedback" portal in the app.

Download AI Notes, Ask AI Chat to Write mod apk

Download apk - 58 MB

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