Dream Voices – Sleep recorder 3.6.5 Apk for Android

The description of Dream Voices - Sleep talk recorder

Feature summary:

➢ Records only sounds. Silence is skipped.
➢ Quality recordings with normalized volume playback (so recordings play nice and loud)
➢ Automatic and custom control of the recorder's volume threshold, so the app works in any room environment
➢ Voice detection to help filter out background noises
➢ Optional timer to delay the start of the recorder
➢ Visual waveforms
➢ Categorize and favorite recordings
➢ Group and sort recordings
➢ Import/Export recordings
➢ Share recordings with friends/family
➢ Fall asleep to soothing sleep sounds
➢ Community tab with hundreds of recordings shared by other users. Explore, listen, like, and comment.
➢ Additional useful settings
➢ On-boarding help
➢ Translation of the app in over 10 different languages

Wondering if you sleep talk? Want to prove to your partner that they snore? Trying to capture that weird unexplained noise in the middle of the night? Welcome Dream Voices - Sleep recorder. And now with sleep sounds.

It has been found that up to 2/3 of people sleep talk. Many don't even know it. Dream Voices allows you to record your sleep talking, snoring and any bumps in the night! Don't waste time sorting through hours of audio, Dream Voices will only record when it is triggered by sound. Sophisticated recording logic ensures there is no delay in the captured audio.

It's as simple as pressing the start button to begin the sleep recorder for the night. Optionally set a delay timer to allow yourself to fall asleep before the recorder starts listening for sounds.

Choose from various relaxing sleep sounds to help you fall asleep. Choose from nature sounds, meditative sounds, instruments, and fan sounds. Play multiple sounds at once and adjust the volume of the sounds as you please. The sleep sounds will play during the delay timer and then will stop, so that the recorder can capture your sleep talking.

Manage your captured recordings in a clean and intuitive interface. You can favorite your best sleep talk recordings, so that you can view all the best in one place. You can also create categories, so that you can categorize recordings of a similar type and view them all together. Also rename, group, and sort your recordings.

Visual waveforms can be seen with each recording. Visually satisfying and allows you to quickly identify captured recordings.

Share your sleep talk recordings with your friends by message, or upload your recordings to the "Community" where other users of the app can listen to sleep talk recordings from all over the world. You'll find some interesting, bizarre, and hilarious sounds. Listen to the funniest ones and up-vote all your favorites!

Never lose your sleep talk recordings. A trash folder allows you to recover deleted recordings. Also import and export your sleep talk recordings from within the Dream Voices app. This ensures you never lose your recordings and makes it a breeze to transition to a new phone.

Dream Voices gives you control of various settings like the recorder's volume threshold, which is used to determine how loud a noise has to be to trigger a recording. This ensures the app works for you regardless of the noise environment you sleep in. There is also a voice detection feature, which further helps to filter out background noises. More settings include control of when the recorder should automatically stop recording, the duration limits of the recordings, and more.

Our goal is to provide a clean, easy-to-use sleep talk recorder app that will accurately record your sleep talking and other sounds while providing a layer of fun and interactivity. Dream Voices is that app.

Send us your feedback! We're always making improvements and adding new features as you request them.


What's news

🎉 What's new:
➢ Better support for Android 12
➢ Introducing sleep sounds! Play relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep.

Previous update:
➢ Added a trash folder feature. Recover deleted recordings.
➢ Added a voice detection feature. Turn on in the settings page.
➢ Community improvements. Create a free account and interact!
➢ More accurate and intuitive controls for setting the volume threshold
➢ Translation of the app in 10 new languages
➢ Revamped the UI

Download Dream Voices - Sleep talk recorder

Download apk - 43 MB

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