Arkadia Substratum Theme for 10|Pie|Oreo + Samsung 1.6 Apk for Android

The description of Arkadia Substratum Theme for 10|Pie|Oreo + Samsung

Arkadia is brand new and unique design that will completely improve your device user interface. Enjoy the new design details with vector alpha gradient plus duo tone style, not only just on system apps but on third party apps as well.

πŸͺ Features
β€’ New Alpha Vector gradient StatusBar icons
β€’ New QuickSettings gradient toggles with duo tones styles
β€’ Colorful navigation bar
β€’ New alpha vector gradient Settings icons
β€’ Multi color gradient slider
β€’ Animated Vector Drawable loading spinner
β€’ Custom dialog UI components
β€’ Animated switches, buttons and checkboxes
β€’ Notification icon animations (New updates, new message, downloading and many more)
β€’ Custom animated welcome dialogs
β€’ Multiple accent colors, system wide or on single apps.
β€’ Custom UI for third party apps (See overlay list at the link below)

πŸ“± Supported system;
β€’ Android 10 Q*
β€’ Android 9.0 Pie*
β€’ Android 8.0 & 8.1 Oreo*
β€’ Samsung Q 10 [OneUI 2.0]**
β€’ Samsung Pie 9.0 [OneUI 1.0]**
β€’ Samsung Oreo 8.0**

*Stock AOSP & AOSP based CustomROM
** For No Root method on Samsung Oreo use Andromeda and for Samsung Pie OneUI use Synergy. Root method is still recommended though.

πŸ’¬ Links
β€’ Overlay List [Themed Apps]
β€’ Theme Changelog
β€’ Telegram Community Group

πŸ”” Attention
β€’ Substratum/Substratum Lite Theme Engine needed to be installed
β€’ This app will not show up on the app drawer, it require Substratum to open.
β€’ Synergy app are required for non root mode on One UI version.
β€’ Reinstall Overlay after App Update
β€’ Disable Overlays before System Update
β€’ Overlays can cause bootloops and app force closes

πŸ™ Credits
Animation on welcome dialog made by Oded Alyagon at for the heroimage and icon for background

What's news

β€’ Fixed Gdrive and Gmail overlay

β€’ Fixed Gmail overlay
β€’ Minor fixes to Instagram
β€’ *Latest Chrome and PlayStore can't be themed.

β€’ Improve VLC overlays
β€’ Added Google App overlay (10)
β€’ Fixes Google Translate and Material Reboot overlays
β€’ Minor improvements for Settings (10)

β€’ Added color picker options (Use Substratum Lite)

β€’ Many improvements for Samsung OneUI 2.0


Download Arkadia Substratum Theme for 10|Pie|Oreo + Samsung mod apk
Download zip - 11 MB

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