Raid & Rush – Heroes idle RPG 1.4.0 Apk for Android

The description of Raid & Rush

Collect your squad of warriors, fight with enemies and protect your gold in the fantasy rpg game RAID and RUSH!

RAID and RUSH is a fantasy rpg game you can play your way. Explore your options and place your new soldiers on different sides of the cart for the most effective protection of gold!

Go on your first trip! The brave knight hurries to help you at the beginning of the game. He will protect your cart with gold in the first battle. Complete the fight without losing gold and earn three stars. If the second battle goes smoothly too, you will earn three more stars and get a chest with new heroes as a reward!

The game also has an arena where you can compete with other players online. Win battles, earn stars and get chests with new heroes and skills for them! Pump up your heroes, use them in battles and win as many victories as possible. This way you can not only increase your League, but also become the first in the ranking among the best players!

Complete daily tasks and earn additional rewards! Tasks are diverse and it's exciting to complete them. Perform as much as possible and get double or triple rewards for your efforts! Also there are other valuable prizes in the game - gifts that you can get just do not forget to go to the game every day. Easy as pie!

· gather your hero squad and start a journey;
· protect the gold cart and collect the reward;
· fight epic boss battles
· enjoy deep rpg features
· earn new heroes and pump them up;
· pass challenges and earn crystals;
· don't miss the air balloon, that can deliver you to an interesting location;
· complete daily tasks;
· don't forget to log in the game every day and receive gifts;
· participate in arena battles with other players;
· earn rating points and become the best;
· chat with other players from all over the world!

Well, are you, hero, ready for an exciting dangerous rpg adventure? Then download and play RAID and RUSH for free!

What's news

Challenge the charming succubus to a dice game and recruit her to your team. The luckiest players are guaranteed generous gifts!

+ Duels in the Star Tournament!
Engage in duels with your opponents in the Star Tournament to earn more stars. Defeat all who stand in your way of claiming the top spot!

+ Master-League enhancements!

IMPORTANT: Ensure you have the latest version of the game (1.4.0) to access all the new features!

Download Raid & Rush mod apk

Download apk - 849 MB

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