Lynda’s Legacy: Hidden Objects 1.4.20 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects

If you like free hidden object games, then you're going to love Lynda's Legacy - our new mystery hidden object game. Lynda's Legacy has unique game-play and story elements that make it one of the best hidden object games. Lynda's Legacy is a mystery hidden object adventure set in the glamorous 1930s. Follow the story, search for hidden objects, and uncover the mystery behind our free hidden object game.

Our free hidden object game features many gameplay modes, mini games and puzzle games. The game's scenes hide clues and hidden objects. Uncover the mystery while enjoying the great music and graphics of our new hidden objects game. The goal of our hidden object mystery is to find hidden objects and solve the mystery.

Lynda is the main character in Lynda's Legacy. She is a brave woman who wants to solve the mystery of her father's murder. To do this she must search for clues and hidden objects. You'll have to play the hidden object mystery and find out what happens next in our free hidden object game.

The goal of playing mystery hidden object games is to uncover the mystery, find hidden objects and complete hidden object scenes. Lynda's Legacy has all these features and more, making it one of the best hidden object games. These include hidden object scenes, mini games and puzzle games, a horse ranch, a map with upgrades, daily challenges and rewards and social elements. All of these help you progress in the mystery hidden object game, unlock new hidden object scenes and find hidden objects. Use Goldie's hint when finding hidden objects to find the most difficult hidden objects. Taking care of Goldie lets you to use her hint in the hidden object scenes. Find items for Goldie among the hidden objects and make her happy.

The main goal in Lynda's Legacy is to find hidden objects and solve the mystery. Our new hidden objects game also includes a beautiful valley for decorating and a Fun House full of free puzzle games and mini games. Unlocking new hidden object scenes costs butterflies, which are given by buildings on the map. More butterflies means more hidden object scenes and more hidden objects to find. Lynda's Legacy also features a horse ranch where you take care of horses, send them on events and earn rewards that help you in our new hidden object game.

Lynda's Legacy is a free hidden object game, but features in-app purchases. These are not mandatory, but will greatly help you in your hidden objects hunt, boosting your progress and getting you to the new hidden object scenes faster.

Persistence is key in our mystery hidden object game. Every day, our new hidden object game provides you with daily challenges that earn you fun daily rewards. But that's not all, there are also weekly rewards that help you unlock new and exciting hidden object scenes. So don't miss a day when playing Lynda's Legacy - complete challenges, earn rewards, play free puzzle games, unlock hidden object scenes and have lots of fun finding hidden objects.

Lynda's Legacy features a Fun House full of free mini games and puzzle games, including: Match 3, Mahjong, Dungeon, Memory, Crossword, and Bubble Shooter games. These free puzzle games reward you with fun prizes like energy, coins, and other rewards that help you progress in our new hidden object game. Our newest feature is the Social tab, which lets you visit your friends' valleys and give them fun gifts. It also allows you to receive gifts from your friends too. Don't be shy, get on Lynda's Legacy - our free hidden object game, find hidden objects and have fun with your friends.

So, if you're looking for a new hidden object game that features elements of the best hidden object games, then play Lynda's Legacy, it's hidden objects and the tangled mystery of our free hidden object game.

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