Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis 1.0.6 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis

After escaping from the kitchen, J., Mike and Charlie have gathered in the control room. However, they can't find Lis, and worried, Mike jumps down the pipe she used and reaches the laboratory, where they will have to work together to escape together. At the same time, Charlie travels to the town hidden in Rod's van to find something to help his sister with.
Switch characters between Lis and Mike and exchange items to solve puzzles. Explore new parts of the factory and revisit locations from the early Ice Scream games. Face the Mini-Rods and the ice cream man to finally reunite the 4 friends.

Some features:
★ Character swapping system: Switch between playing as Lis and Mike, allowing you to explore different areas depending on the character.
★ New item exchange system: For the first time, exchange items with your friends in order to complete the puzzles presented to you.
★ Fun Puzzles: Solve clever puzzles to reunite with your friends.
★ Mini-games: Complete the funniest puzzles included in this chapter in the form of mini-games.
★ Own soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the Ice Scream universe with unique music to the rhythm of the saga and voices recorded exclusively for this game.
★ Explore places new and old: discover the secrets of the two parts of the laboratory: Chemistry and Robotics, and visit town locations from previous games.
★ Hint and mission system: If you get stuck, a complete step-by-step guide is available so you always know what to do next.
★ Different Difficulties: Play at your own pace and explore safely in ghost mode, or take on Rod and his helpers on different difficulty levels that will test your skill.
★ A terrifyingly fun game suitable for all audiences!

If you want to enjoy a fantasy, horror and fun experience, play Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis now. Action and scarejumps are guaranteed.
It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.
Let us know what you think in the comments!

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