Crossy Creepers 3.5 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Crossy Creepers

Marvel Island was a magic place where block animals, superheroes, fantasy hoppers and pixel monsters lived together. However, one day, the volcano, placed near to the road, exploded and some of the animals and characters become blocky Road Creepers. These Marvel Island creatures, damned by the lava, acquired the power of making explode whatever... or whoever. Their plan: A hostile takeover of Marvel Island to find the diamond treasure to raise a monster army! Humanity is at risk if this treasure falls into the wrong hands! Take all the diamonds before the blocky Road Creepers reach them and become the greatest hero in this survival arcade adventure!

An endless 8-bit arcade block survival racing simulator with retro characters! Dodge all the crossy creepers in a survival horror race simulator full of creepy monsters... Try the new online mode for multiplayer vs single match!

BE PART OF MORE THAN 5 MILLION PEOPLE who have already done an endless hopper exploration in blocky Marvel Island!
Jump into this arcade multiplayer racing game and compete against your friends! Unlock all crossy characters: Select your favorite pets, superheroes and try to dominate this road block fantasy world.

- Endless rematch possibilities when you play online in this survival pixel adventure!
- Play online with your hoppers... Your friends will see your skins! Defend your road hopper pixel hero against horror monsters and animals!
- Beat records with the help of the Smashy Catapults!

- 137 fantasy block superheroes to unlock! Use jumping characters and Smashy Catapults!
- Hop, jump and race your way to a record-setting number of steps avoiding blocky road creepers and jumping obstacles!
- Editable craft skins: Become a crossy animal, a superhero, a skeleton or a famous crossy character in this simulator!
- Multiplayer mode: Challenge your friends in this action-packed jumping adventure!
- Use your jumps in 12 terrains!
- Almost all the skins have special abilities. Beat spooky Road Creepers monsters with them!
- Explore in this 8-bit retro block style survival adventure with your block hopper skins against pixel monsters!
- Retro style graphics for this hopper game!

A racing hopper survival multiplayer superheroes game with endless crossy exploration in a horror world full of creepers and monsters.
Play single matches or online multiplayer games and beat your friends with your pixel hero in this arcade adventure!
The blocky road creeper conflict between monsters and superheroes of Marvel Island has just started! Are you ready?

Mod info

Unlimited Money

What's news

Version 3.6.0

- Evil Nun skin was added
- Bug fixes
- Other minor improvements

Thanks for playing! See you online 🙂

Download Crossy Creepers mod apk

Download apk - 47 MB
Download apk - 47 MB

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