Universal List Pro – Ideas list. 27.0.0 Apk for Android

The description of Universal List Pro - Ideas list.


Harvey S. Firestone founder of Firestone Tire Company once said:

"Success is the sum of details."*
Capture and keep the details of your life!

In fact John Wooden* rightly declared that it's the little things that make big things happen:

''It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.''

Be successful! Make big things happen in your life! This great little program features an easy and quick user interface for capturing life's important details!
And it is not just Success and Making Big Things happen... As William Morris* once said, the details of daily life are the true secret of happiness:

''The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.''*

So take an interest in details and watch your life change in so many awesome ways!

Universal list will help you organize and manage the details of your duties, responsibilities, and thoughts and ideas.
This App enables you to builds lists that do more, providing access to details that enable you to know and remember more.

It doesn't matter if you make extremely detailed plans or only want to record brief remarks.

Maybe you are the personality type that prefers making small lists/stickers of "To Do" items. (AN EASY TO DO LIST)

Perhaps you prefer making small reminder lists/stickers. (REMINDER LIST)

Or maybe you prefer making brief remarks of your ideas on small stickers. (IDEAS LIST)

Perhaps life's details involve making that all important family shopping list. (SHOPPING LIST)

But it really doesn't matter! It could also be a Birthday list, Counting list, Multiplying list, Average list, Notes lists, Plan list, Packing list, Christmas gift list, list of exercises in the gym...) this UNIVERSAL LIST App has unlimited application.

I created this app "UNIVERSAL LIST" for you and all those who desire success, want to make big things happen, and seek to find happiness amidst a sea of details.

MAIN Concept of the App:

- unlimited creation of lists,
- all kinds of list, each list with its own purpose
- intuitive user interface,
- easy to use,
- extremely useful
- minimalist design,
- optimized for performance,
- supported on all android devices (optimized for smart phones and tablets).


- standard list (for notes),
- planner list (date-time sorting),
- counting list (A1 + A2 +...+ An; for summation and counting of items),
- birthday list (day-month sorting, not year, auto-calculation of age),
- multiplying list (A1 x A2 x... An, multiplying all items of list),
- average (or more accurately called "mean" of all numerical items in a list) (A1 + A2 +...+

Sharing with your full privacy assured!!

Sharing is easy. You don´t have to create any account, thus no personal information can be hacked on someone else's site. Either you possess the information or the one to whom you send it. You only need an EMAIL account and a receiver's email address if you desire to share your information.


- shopping lists,
- plan lists,
- counting lists,
- multiplying lists,
- average lists,
- birthday list,
- notes list,
- ideas lists,
- to do lists,
- duties list,
- list of exercises in the gym


Finally, a detail capturing and organizing app that is unadulterated...No decorations, pictures, voice, video, just a direct and USEFUL application.
I am confident that UNIVERSAL LIST will help YOU!
Yes! We are here for you! Need help? Have an improvement suggestion or correction?

-Web page:
-Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/UniversalList/

What's news

- Added move-arrows for long notes

Download Universal List Pro - Ideas list. mod apk

Download apk - 8 MB

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