Statmagic PRO – Statistics Calculator 1.3.4 Apk for Android

The description of Statmagic PRO - Statistics Calculator

"Statmagic PRO has helped thousands of students learn stat and finish their homework faster. It eliminates tedious and error-prone number-crunching, and has built-in tools to help you avoid common mistakes -- all while making stats clearer and easier to learn.

Statmagic PRO is the best, easiest-to-use app for learning stats. Why?
• Simplicity. Statmagic uses the simple and familiar standard calculator layout.
• Automatic graphics and plots, so you can visualize what’s going on. For instance, you can finally skip the confusing Z table -- Statmagic automatically graphs and calculates the area (probability) under the normal curve, for any Z or T score.
• Press and hold definitions. Every input field has an on-the-spot definition, so you can quickly remind yourself what each statistical symbol means, and enter the correct value for it.
• Error checking. Statmagic automatically checks for typos and anomalous numbers, to help you prevent mistakes. (For example, if you select a Z test when n is < 30 and the standard deviation is not known, Statmagic will politely suggest a T test instead!)
• Complete results. From the standard error to the Z score, to the p-value and ""reject Ho?"" conclusion, Statmagic calculates and returns every important value for every test. (And Statmagic PRO’s calculators have been tested exhaustively to ensure that they return correct answers, first and foremost!)

• User-specified answer rounding.
• Extensive help material for each topic, with (1) step-by-step instructions, (2) explanations of the logic and formulas at work, and (3) example problems, which can be entered into a calculator at the tap of a button.
• Integration with Statmagic's online learning videos, which explain the core ideas of a semester-long stat course in less than 2 lectures' time.

With its 17+ calculators, Statmagic covers the most common topics of intro stat classes, each with its own help page and memorable example problems. These are:
• Descriptive stats (mean, quartiles, standard deviation, etc.).
• Hypergeometric probability (with an auto-filling formula).
• Normal distribution (Z or T scores, with an automatic curve graphic and exact probabilities).
• Binomial, Poisson, Gamma, exponential, and continuous uniform probability distributions.
• One- and two-sample tests of mean (Z, T, and Welch tests).
• One- and two-sample tests of proportion.
• Confidence intervals (for a mean or a proportion, featuring a full, auto-filling CI formula, so you can see how the CI is constructed).
• Minimum N of a sample (for measuring a true mean or a proportion within a set margin of error).
• Least-squares linear regression (with a scatterplot that colors outliers, and a tool to calculate a predicted y using the regression equation).
• Chi-squared (which instantly calculates all intermediate expected and Chi-squared values, along with full test results.)

Learn statistics efficiently, and finish your stats homework faster. Learn, practice, and master stats with Statmagic PRO!"

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Minor updates.

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