Smart Contact Reminder: Call & birthday reminders 2.0.2 Apk for Android

The description of Smart Contact Reminder: Call & message reminders

Do you struggle to stay in touch with important people in your life, such as friends, family, colleagues, customers or business contacts on a regular basis? 😬

Do you find yourself losing your social connections due to forgetting to catch up with old friends? 😬

Is keeping a long-distance friendship or other relationship too hard? 😬

Has it already been a month since you last talked to your mum? 😱

Take control of your social life with Smart Contact Reminder, your personal CRM! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Main features

β€’ get notifications with contact reminders so you never forget again;
β€’ fuzzy contact reminders so you don't always talk to mum on the same day of the week;
β€’ system contacts integration to quickly import all your existing contacts;
β€’ customizable categories to manage your contacts according to your needs;
β€’ get in touch straight from notifications, there's no need to open and search within the app;
β€’ integration with popular messaging apps as well as your e-mail client or phone app;
β€’ automatic detection of contact using notifications of other apps for effortless logging of contacts;
β€’ keep your contact history along with your notes to remember important matters for next time you talk;
β€’ automatic backups of all your data so you never lose them;
β€’ light or dark mode available so your eyes don't hurt at night;
β€’ widget for your home screen to gain a quick access to a list of your contacts;

πŸ‘© Adding your contacts

Smart Contact Reminder allows you to either add contacts individually or use the batch import feature to add all your existing system contacts. Use predefined categories - which we call circles - to sort your contacts according to the strength of your relationship. Every circle has an adjustable reminder for all your contacts.

πŸ“… Setting up contact reminders

Smart Contact Reminder will remind you when you've not contacted your friends, family, customers or business partners for some time. It allows you to set the time period between reminders in days, weeks, months and even years. To avoid getting in touch with your contacts in uniform intervals, Smart Contact Reminder will let you add some randomness to your contact reminders.

πŸ”” Stay in touch

When the contact is due, a notification is showed reminding you it is time to get in touch with your contact. You can get in touch with your contacts straight from the notification using your favorite messaging application or make a call. There is a direct integration with your e-mail client, SMS application and phone app (along with several popular messaging platforms) available. Or better yet, meet them in person!

πŸ—’οΈ Log your contact

After a successful contact is made, a log should be created to plan the next reminder. Logging a contact is easy with our 'Automatic contact detection’ feature which uses notifications from other apps to figure out if you’ve been in touch with your contacts and offers quick contact logging.
Add notes to your contact logs to remind yourself of important matters from your past conversations. Impress your friends with how well you remember details of things you talked about some time ago!

Notifications or reminders don't work? Some manufacturers apply aggressive battery power-savings that block reminders of our app. To fix this, follow instructions for your phone brand here:

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What's news

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* statistics (contact logs & leaderboard)
* batch contact import filters & other improvements
* overall UI styling improvements
* various bug fixes

Download Smart Contact Reminder: Call & message reminders

Download apk - 5 MB

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