Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker (PREMIUM) 4.24.25 Apk for Android

The description of Sleep Cycle: Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock

Relieve stress, sleep better and wake up rested. Sleep Cycle is your personal sleep tracker and smart alarm clock with a range of features (incl. snore recorder, sleep recorder and sleep sounds) to help you get a good night’s rest and wake up easier. You will be in a better mood, and feel recharged and focused during the day.

Get that slumber that will do wonders for your health. 72% of our users confirm their sleep quality has improved after using Sleep Cycle’s sleep tracker.

⏰ 5 reasons you’ll love Sleep Cycle:

1. A unique sleep tracker: No need to put your phone under your pillow. Just place your device on the nightstand or close by on the floor.
2. Gentle wake-up: Our smart alarm clock goes off at the ideal time for your body so you wake up rested and calm.
3. Tailored advice: We show you personalized tips to develop lasting habits that will help you achieve better sleep and feel great inside and out.
4. No more guessing: Control if you snore, talk, cough, or sneeze at night with our sleep recorder.
5. Fall asleep faster: Create the perfect bedtime conditions with meditation, sleep music, and sleep sounds, including rain sounds for better sleep and white noise.

Powered by our patented AI technology, Sleep Cycle is an advanced sleep tracker for anyone seeking to prioritize their health, manage stress, recharge and get happier. Whether you aim to change your sleep habits, reach a regular sleep schedule, track your snoring, record your sounds at night or wake up more refreshed with a smart alarm clock, there’s a feature for you.

⭐️ Top Sleep Cycle Features

√ Its unique design wakes you up at the perfect moment ​​for a refreshing start
√ Carefully selected alarm clock sounds
√ Customizable wake-up windows up to 90 minutes
√ Snooze by shaking or double-tapping the phone lightly

√ Snore recorder and sleep talk recorder: Snore tracker function to check how much you’re snoring.
√ Sleep recorder notifies you how external noises impact your sleep
√ Coughing: Track and compare your cough levels to make informed decisions for your health.
√ Who’s snoring? Know if it’s you or a partner snoring for better sleep analysis.

√ The sleep tracker sees how well you slept with a quality rate score from 1 to 100.
√ Detailed reports: Statistics, trends and graphs.
√ Sleep notes: Monitor how drinking coffee or stress affects your rest.
√ Use the sleep tracker and see how your sleep affects your mood.

√ Library of sleep sounds designed to help you fall asleep faster
√ Sleep sounds: White noise, ASMR, green noise, pink noise and rain sounds
√ Guided meditation: Sleep meditation and meditation music
√ Sleep music and relaxing music for deep sleep
√ Bedtime stories: Sleep stories paired with sleep sounds that guide you into slumber

√ Learn how to improve your sleep with sleep guides made just for you by our sleep experts. Based on topics like stress relief, bedroom hacks or screen use.

√ Keep your phone on the nightstand and use the sleep tracker from your watch
√ Gentle vibrations on your wrist
√ Quick summary of your last night’s sleep
√ Including tiles and complications for easier use

√ Sleep games: Start your day with “Awake”, a sleep game that lets you test your alertness in the morning, helping improve your focus
√ Sleep Goal: Your sleep score and reminder towards a more regular and restful slumber
√ Online backup - secure your data online
√ Integration with Google Fit
… and much more.

Get started with Sleep Cycle tonight - Falling asleep & waking up in the morning has never been easier with our sleep tracker and sleep sounds!

- Ability to charge your phone by the bed.
- Ability to place your phone near the bed, such as on a nightstand table or the floor.

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