TechCalc+ Calculator 5.1.0 Apk for Android

The description of TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator (adfree)

TechCalc+ is the "Swiss Army Knife" of Scientific Calculators ... 44 Calculation Options + a Scientific Reference Section + the Periodic Table of the Elements!

Perfect for all aspects of scientific and engineering calculations in school, university and throughout your career. Why not download it now and give it a try?

Modes included in the main menu are:

● Basic Calculator - Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN),
● Scientific Calculator - Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN),
● 64-bit Programmer Calculator (Hex, Oct, Bin and Dec) - Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN),
● Graphs (Functions, Implicit Equations, Parametric Equations, XY Scatter Plot and 3D Surface Plot),
● Matrices - including Inverse, Transpose, Determinant, Cofactor, Adjugate, Trace, Rank, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Decompositions (LU, Cholesky, QR, Singular Value),
● Complex Numbers (Cartesian, Polar, using Euler's identity),
● Quick Formulas (includes 58 classic scientific formulas plus the ability to add your own custom formulas),
● Quick Converter,
● Time Calculator,
● Equation Solver (Linear Equations, Roots of a Polynomial Equation, Exponents of an Exponential Equation, Inequations, Factorization of Polynomials, GCD of 2 Polynomials, LCM of 2 Polynomials, Binomial Expansion & Vector Arithmetic),
● Calculus - including Symbolic Algebra (Derivatives, Definite Integrals, Taylor Series, Indefinite Integrals & Limits)
● Financial (Simple Interest; Compound Interest; Cash Flow; Amortization; Growing Annuity; Cost, Sales, Margin & Markup; Break-Even; Depreciation; Bonds; Days Calculation; Interest Conversion; Options Trading - Greeks)

+ the Periodic Table of Elements!

Features include:

● All Trigonometric operations (radians, degrees or gradients)
● Powers & Roots
● Logs and Antilogs
● Factorial, Modulus & Random Numbers Functions
● HCF, LCM, Prime Factors
● Pol() & Rec() Functions
● Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr)
● Statistics (30 different functions!)
● Conversions (35 different categories!)
● Physical and Astronomical Constants (52 in total!)
● Fractions Mode
● 20 Memory Registers in each of the calculation modes
● Detailed calculation history
● Extensive Help and Reference
● Highly customizable via the Settings

The reference section includes the following calculators and converters (any, or all, of which can be moved to the main menu if required):

● ASCII Converter
● Aspect Ratio Calculator
● Balancing Chemical Equations
● Barometric Formula Calculator
● Bicycle Tire Pressure Calculator
● Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
● Boolean Algebra Calculator
● Characteristics of an RLC Circuit
● Color Calculator
● Coordinates Converter
● Empirical Formula Calculator
● Ephemerides Calculator
● Feet and Inches Calculator
● Fractional Bits Converter
● Geodetic Distance Calculator
● Humidity Calculations
● IEEE 754 Converter
● Interpolation Calculator
● IP Subnet Calculator
● Linear Regression Analysis
● Molecular Weight Calculator
● Number Base Converter
● Numerical Sequences
● Percentage Calculator
● pH Calculator
● Polygon Area Calculator
● Proportion Calculator
● Roman Numeral Converter
● Sigma and Pi Notation
● Statistics (Grouped Data)
● Unit Price Comparison
● Wind Chill Calculator

The reference section also includes the following information:

● Physical Laws
● Mathematical Tables
● Elementary & Linear Algebra
● Trigonometric Identities
● Differentiation & Integration Rules
● Statistics Formulas
● Vector Mathematics
● Names in the Metric System
● Cooking Temperature Scales
● Beaufort Wind Scale

Please email any questions that are not answered in the Help section.

What's news

ver 5.1.0:
★ minor bug fixes and library updates

Download TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator (adfree) mod apk

Download apk - 16 MB

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