My APK (PREMIUM) 2.8.3 Apk for Android

The description of My APK

My APK helps you backup your installed apps. List and install regular APK files, split APKs: .apks, .aspk, .apkm, .xapk

My APK can be used as an app manager.
- List all of your apps.
- Filter apps by: system apps, user apps, bundle apps and disable apps.
- Sort apps by name, package name, installed and updated date, app size (ascending or descending).
- Search apps quickly by enter its name or package name.
- Extract apps (support batch processing and compress to zip file before saving) to APK or split APKs. It is super fast for even many heavy apps and games.
- Save APK to SD card/storage easily with a built in File explorer (You can create new folder here if needed).
- Check third party app info in a very detail level. It lists all of activities, services, APK permissions, signature, min SDK version,... used in an app.
- Share apps via Bluetooth, social network.
- Get link games on Play store (support multiple apps) easily.
- Create shortcut for app (depends on your launcher, the behavior may be different).
- Uninstall apps.
- Search similar apps on Play store.
- Browse app internal and external data folder (works on some file explorers: esfile explorer, etc).
- Extract app icon for your own purpose.
- Support backup for applications installed by the Android App Bundle source (split APKs).

My APK can be used as an APK manager.
- List all of your APK/Split APKs on your device.
- Filter APKs by date (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 14 days and last 30 days).
- Filter APKs by extension (apks, aspk, xapk and apkm).
- Filter APKs by version status (newer version, older version).
- Sort APKs by name, folder, APK size, modified date, target SDK, version code (ascending or descending). No more third party File explorer to lookup your APK.
- Search APK by name or package name.
- Extract APK detail information (APK permissions, APK signatures and other APK information) before installing.
- Hash Checker: verify APK by checking its md5/sha-1/sha-256 to make sure your copy version of APK is safe to install.
- Install regular APK (universal APK).
- Install split APKs: .aspk, .apks, .xapk, .apkm
- Identify APK installation problems.
- Share APK files or just play store link.
- Compare APK/APP or APK/APK so that you have a chance to know what changed in the newer/older version.
- Be able to select APK scan folders to optimize scanning process.
- Rename multiple APK files (with advanced options)..
- Delete multiple APK files.
- Sign APK with v1 and v2 scheme.

My APK could be used as a simple security scanner tool to detect apps/apks which has ad, sensitive permissions. This feature is called Advanced search.

Built-in tools:
- Device info: View basic information about your device.
- Deep link tester: Verify your deep link to see if it works when clicking on the link from other apps or browsers.

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This version does not require root permission
APK (not aok) means Android package.

Contact us:

What's news

My APK 2.8.3:
- Bug fixes and improvements

Download My APK mod apk

Download apk - 6 MB

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