Metal Detector – EMF detector, Body scanner (PREMIUM) 5.8 Apk for Android

The description of Metal Detector - EMF detector, Body scanner

Metal Detector is a free detecting metal app that use the device magnetic sensor to measure the strength of magnetic field and turn the device into a metal detector. Metal Detector app let you find surrounding magnetic field, electronic waves or metal(steel and iron) . Once detecting metal nearby, the reading value will increase. It can be use as a body scanner, emf meter, wires finder, pipe finder or even ghost finder scanner.

Metal Detector app(EMF Meter) can display the magnetic field in µT(micro tesla), mG (milli Gauss) or G (Gauss). 1 µT = 10 mG; 1000 mG = 1 G; The magnetic field in nature is about (30µT ~ 60µT) or (0.3G ~ 0.6G) which means if there is a metal presence nearby, the value of the reading should be higher than 60µT or 0.6G.

- Not all device has magnetic sensor. Please check it in your phone specification. If your device does not have one, no metal detector app(emf meter) application can work on your device.
- The accuracy of this metal detector app(emf meter) entirely dependent on the device magnetic sensor (magnetometer).
- Electronic waves like laptop, television, microphone or radio signals can affect the accuracy of magnetic sensor and the experience of detecting metal. So avoid such places and keep away when using this app.
- This app cannot work on detecting metal that is non-ferrous such as gold, silver and aluminum etc. as they has no magnetic field.

Most ghost hunter use Metal Detectors app(EMF meter) for ghost detection as they claim that ghosts have an influence on magnetic fields. I am not sure about that but please let me know if it’s true.

What's news

In this version we:
- Fix various bug
- Update built tools

Download Metal Detector - EMF detector, Body scanner mod apk

Download apk - 4 MB

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