Lomotif Editor Pro 15 Apk for Android

The description of Lomotif Editor Pro

Lomotif Editor Pro includes all the features you need to edit videos.
Frame ratio, background color, transition effects, moving stickers, text, templates, background music, sound recording, effect sound, filters, modification, double speed, dynamic photos, etc. can all be achieved with VLLO.

* The main function
▶ Video Clips: change size, double speed, filter, modify, copy, cut, etc.
▶ Audio clips: background music, sound recording, effect sound, fade in and fade out, etc.
▶ Screen ratio: 1: 1, 16: 9, 9:16, 2.35: 1 can be changed according to the first screen, etc.
▶ Stickers: More than 800 kinds of stickers to choose, you can set some routes
▶ Text: You can set animations and some routes.
▶ Pixels: Support 4K

* Function Description
▷ Video Clip
-Provide multiple functions such as cutting, trimming, adjusting double speed, copying, etc.
-There are video inversion and rotation effects.

▷ Dynamic stickers & text
-Provide more than 800 dynamic stickers and more than 60 dynamic text.
-Made in Vector format, with enlarged stickers and text are also very clear.
-The label function makes it easy to find the stickers you want.
-Feel free to edit the color and size of stickers and text.
-Dynamic recording will follow the movement of stickers and text in the screen.

▷ Subtitles
-Create beautiful captions by using fonts, text colors, background colors, partial changes to text attributes and shadow effects.

▷ Screen correction
-Use filters, templates and corrections to make your videos look more colorful.
-Fine-grained screen corrections such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, highlights, shadows and vitality can be achieved.

▷ Transition function
-You can use basic transitions such as dissolve, slide, wipe and fade.
-You can use graphics transitions to create great videos.

▷ Slideshow
-Connect photos and videos to create videos.

▷ Movie production and sharing
-You can make 4K high quality videos.
-You can share your creative work on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Download Lomotif Editor Pro

Download apk - 77 MB

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