AppBlock – Block Apps & Sites (PRO) 6.10.3 Apk for Android

The description of AppBlock - Stay Focused (Block Websites & Apps)

AppBlock - Block Websites & Apps: Ultimate Productivity & Focus Tool

Transform and tailor your digital life with AppBlock, the premier tool for managing screen time and blocking distractions. Designed to boost productivity and enhance digital wellbeing, AppBlock allows you to prioritize important tasks and minimize digital noise.

Why Choose AppBlock?

🚫 Comprehensive App Blocking: From social media to games, block distracting apps and websites efficiently.
πŸ“± Screen Time Management: Monitor and limit app usage, promoting a healthier digital lifestyle.
πŸ”— Website Blocker: Use Blocksite features to restrict access to time-wasting websites, enhancing productivity.
⏳ Customizable Blocking Schedules: Automatically enforce focus during work or study hours based on time, location, or Wi-Fi networks.
πŸ”’ Strict Mode: Prevent bypassing set restrictions, reinforcing your commitment to focused work.

Detailed Features:

Free & Premium Options: Start with robust app blocking features and unlock advanced capabilities.
Gain more control over your device usage with enhanced features.
Eliminate digital distractions completely when concentration is paramount.
Social Media & Content Blocker: Specifically target and reduce screen time to boost productivity.
Customizable Profiles: Tailor AppBlock to your needs, activating different profiles based on specific conditions.

Maximize Productivity & Wellbeing with AppBlock:
Control your digital habits, improve time management, and enjoy a balanced digital experience. AppBlock’s features help you stay on track with your goals, offering a fulfilling digital journey.

Expand to Desktop with AppBlock for Google Chrome:
Extend your productivity and focus by blocking intrusive sites on your computer, using our extensions for various browsers.

Empowering Students with AppBlock:

AppBlock is an essential tool for students looking to excel academically and maintain a healthy digital balance. In an era where education increasingly intersects with digital platforms, AppBlock provides the necessary support to enhance learning experiences.

πŸ“š Tailored Study Sessions: Utilize AppBlock to create distraction-free study environments, allowing for deep concentration on coursework and exam preparation.
πŸŽ“ Academic Performance: Improve focus and academic results by blocking distracting websites and apps during study times.
πŸ•‘ Effective Time Management: With AppBlock, students can schedule focused study periods and manage leisure time effectively, ensuring a balanced academic and personal life.
πŸ“– Resource Accessibility: Access educational resources without the interference of distracting notifications and apps, streamlining the learning process.
🧩 Customized Learning Environment: AppBlock's customizable profiles allow students to adapt their devices to their study needs, enabling a personalized learning journey.

Join the AppBlock Community:
Join millions in managing digital life effectively with AppBlock, the ultimate tool for reclaiming control over digital interactions and fostering digital wellness.

AppBlock Benefits:

🌟 Focus on what matters: Enhance productivity by aligning your digital environment with your goals.
πŸŒ™ Promote Better Sleep: Reduce screen usage at night for a healthier sleep cycle.
🧠 Support Mental Health: Achieve mindfulness and relaxation with less screen time.
🌿 Digital Wellbeing: Foster a balanced approach to technology, improving overall life quality.

Contact Us:
For support and inquiries, email us at or visit

Privacy Commitment:
AppBlock values your privacy, utilizing Accessibility services to ensure safe and secure content blocking.

Download AppBlock now and embark on a journey to a more focused, productive, and balanced digital life, where your goals and well-being are prioritized.

What's news

Introducing Schedule Templates!
Pause Control at Your Fingertips
Improved blocking for Chrome
Revamped Keyword and Website Blocking UI

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