Alarm Clock & Timer for Free (PRO) 4.73 Apk for Android

The description of Alarm Clock & Timer for Free

Alarm Clock & Timer for Free is the best among all personalized phone alarms📱It contains many diverse and useful features, which you can read about in more detail below. This clock with timer will be a real salvation for those who constantly sleep away work or study and lies down for a little snooze because we have built in the best alarm clock application several tricky options and timer, so that the timer clock was not so easy to turn off and you had to finally wake up by the time you can turn it off.⏰
So, the main features:

⏱Daily alarm schedule
⏱Ringtone selection
⏱Notifications on your screen
⏱More than 10 different themes for everyone
⏱Different signal options

Daily alarm clock schedule
With this smart function you can create your own individual schedule. To do this, you need to select a few days on your screen and set the alarm clock time. Now you will not be late for work, study or business. Also over time, your body will get used to such a schedule, the body does not want to snooze further and you will wake up easily, with joy📆🌇

Ringtone selection
The choice of the clock melody is very important, because it is with the alarm signal that usually everyone starts the morning. Therefore, the alarm clock should not be annoying, but rather should bring a charge of vivacity and positive in the morning and without desire to lie down and snooze.🎭 That is why we decided to give you the opportunity to choose with which song you start your morning.🌅There are many different sounds and songs in the clock application itself. And for those who are tired or do not like them, we provide the opportunity to put their song from the library as an alarm or timer. Wake up and start your morning with a good and catchy song, it will provide you with a good mood for the whole day.🎼

Reminders are very useful and have long become an indispensable function, with the help of them we do not forget about our plans and obligations. Therefore, we built a reminder function in the clock application, so that you can record your pointers there for the upcoming day or week or set a reminder for some important event or date. Do not forget to set the alarm timer in reminders so that it arrives at the right time and on the right day.🌍

We also decided to add a fairly popular and necessary function to the application as a stopwatch. Each of us can use it for different purposes.⏳

More than 10 different themes
So that your clock does not seem boring or ugly to you, we have added more than 10 different themes to it for every taste. Now you can set your timer clock as you like. Choose any theme you like, change the music or the sounds of your clock and you will never get tired of it and will delight you for a long time.🎨

Different signal options
If it’s difficult for you to wake up in the morning and stay in bed all the time for more snooze, if you usually don’t hear the timer, or just one song is not enough to wake you up, then choose the random song alarm on your screen, then we guarantee you a sudden and complete awakening. If you sleep or snooze lightly and wake up easily, you can set the usual vibration instead of loud sounds or songs and the alarm will wake you up carefully. 🎹🎸🎷🎻

⬇️Download an alarm for free⬇️ with so many different and useful features and functions, such as an clock with the ability to select songs and a pre-alarm, as well as adjust their volume, the function of writing messages, the function of selecting several days and scheduling signals, and the ability to vibrate themes for your clock.🎶

What's news

- fixed minor bugs

Download Alarm Clock & Timer for Free mod apk

Download apk - 21 MB

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