Wild Hunt: Real Hunting Games 1.580 Apk for Android

The description of Wild Hunt:Sport Hunting Games. Hunter & Shooter 3D

Prepare for a thrilling venture, loading your rifle and refining your shooting precision for encounters with various animals. Embrace the spirit of a hunter and exhibit your shooting expertise amidst nature's domain!

Ready for an exceptional hunting and shooting quest?
Eager to traverse stunning, diverse hunting terrains, concentrating on shooting authentic animals?
Intent on experiencing different hunting and shooting methods, from free-ranging pursuits to competitive shooting outings?
Thrilled to engage in online 1v1 PvP shooting competitions, aiming at a variety of animals?
Keen on learning to load, upgrade your weapons, and shooting accurately at animal targets such as deer, wolves, and more?

→ Pursue and engage in shooting deer and a range of animals.
→ Explore various landscapes for hunting and shooting expeditions.
→ Travel across continents for unique animal shooting experiences.
→ Adapt to environmental factors for better shooting precision, with suitable gear and ammunition. It's the premier hunting and shooting simulation!
→ Enhance your hunting skills and shooting accuracy, compete in online PvP battles, and strive to be the top animal hunter and sharpshooter!
→ Create or join shooting clubs, relishing the hunt with friends and connecting with hunters and shooters worldwide in thrilling events!

Discover the excitement of hunting clubs! Relish the thrill of hunting and shooting with peers. Join existing clubs or start your own, inviting enthusiasts of shooting and animal hunting. Participate in team hunting and shooting contests, challenging other clubs in timed animal shooting competitions!

Animal Hunting and Shooting Tournaments - Enroll Now!
Rise in the leaderboards as a renowned animal hunting and shooting specialist! Wild Hunt offers a variety of tournaments and championships, accessible for all. Perfect your hunting and shooting skills in our PvP online mode, challenging other hunters and shooters, and showcasing your adeptness in animal shooting. May the best shooter win!

Real Locations, Authentic Animals
Embark on authentic hunting trips, targeting animals native to those regions. Hunt and shoot a deer in USA, aim at a rhino in Africa, set your crosshairs on a walrus in Russia, or line up a shot at a dingo in the Australian Outback. Global hunting and shooting adventures await, directly from your mobile device. Deer shooting now spans the globe!

Choose Your Shooting Equipment
Select from an array of free hunting gear or buy new shooting items. Choose rifles, shotguns, or demonstrate your archery skills with a crossbow for animal shooting. Regularly maintain and upgrade your equipment, selecting appropriate gear for various hunting and shooting scenarios. Whether your preference lies in archery or firearms for shooting animals, Wild Hunt equips you for the challenge.

Stunning 3D Graphics
Wild Hunt stands out in the shooting games category with its impressive 3D graphics. Observe your animal prey through your weapon's scope, take careful aim, and execute your shot. Watch the bullet's path in slow motion, hitting your animal target with precision!

Developed by the team behind Fishing Clash, Wild Hunt is a socially interactive, action-packed sports game featuring realistic graphics set in genuine global hunting locales. Venture outdoors, select your weapon, target a range of animals, and fire! Meet new friends, join or form a hunting club, and participate in exciting shooting competitions. Deer shooting games have advanced, offering an authentic 2024 experience!

What's news

Don’t let it be a wild-goose chase and check out Wild Hunt’s new fixes.

Download Wild Hunt:Sport Hunting Games. Hunter & Shooter 3D mod apk

Download apk - 111 MB

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