Tap Temple: Monster Clicker Idle Game 1.2.8 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Tap Temple: Monster Clicker Idle Game

Ever wanted to gather a horde of creatures that will follow your every command? Consort with dark forces and tap to summon your minions!

Enter an evolution of the idle genre, with a Lovecraft twist! Become one of the thousands to enjoy this devilishly free evil cultist simulator! Tap away and manage your portals and acolytes, gather all kinds of mind-bending spells and summon otherworldly monsters! With engaging gameplay and spellbinding art, Tap Temple is the one dark secret… you just have to uncover!

Download Tap Temple completely free and you can:

TAP to open portals and summon your dark minions from beyond!
MERGE creatures into new, alien beings and cute monstrosities!
EXPLORE hidden worlds of the Cthulhu mythos!
CALL upon unearthly powers to cast game-changing spells!
ASCEND the leaderboards like a true Tycoon of Terror!

Mod info

Unlimited Money

What's news

- Better game experience
- Minor bug fixed

Download Tap Temple: Monster Clicker Idle Game mod apk

Download apk - 94 MB
Download apk - 82 MB
Download mp4 - 22 MB

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