Snake Wars – Arcade Game Apk for Android

The description of Snake Wars – Arcade Game

Snake Wars is your new multiplayer real time arcade game.

Challenge players online and become the biggest Snake in the arena in the most exciting
new free game!

A fun twist on a classic arcade game!
Snake Wars is more than your classic Snake game! Eat as much as you can and learn to
master the art of avoiding being caught while trying to wipe out the most enemy Snakes possible. Climb up the leaderboard and become the Snake of all Snakes!
Smooth controls will help you slither around the screen catching food. But watch out! Snakes die when their heads touch other Snakes’ bodies or by hitting the arena’s outer bounds. You will then respawn, but with a smaller size and at the bottom of the table. Competition is on!

Classic game. New Features!
You can play these exciting fast paced Snake battle games in different game modes.
Team Multiplayer — invite friends or try one-tap matching to team up with online
players and enjoy 5-player team length challenges and multiplayer games.
Classic — play timed matches where it’s you against the world on a universe of
greedy Snakes.
Endless — the arcade game mode loved by all! Timeless matches to train your skills, play just for the fun, or beat your personal length record. No reviving. You die, end of game.

Customize your Snake game!
Add some action to your performance by using Ghost Skill to escape through Snakes and Dash button to evade from enemies’ traps!

Collect different skins and customization items. Explore temporary challenges. Snake Wars is guaranteed fun!

The arena is calling for winner Snakes! Are you in?


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• This game requires an internet connection.

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Player experience improvements

Download Snake Wars – Arcade Game

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