Shakey's Escape 1.4.2 Apk for Android

The description of Shakey's Escape

Explore the city with Shakey and help this hero cat find a new home. In one of the most amusing and enjoyable cat games of the year, be ready to enjoy a great, vivid, fun and completely unique cat action platform game. Shakey’s Escape is an interactive quest about a heart-broken kitty named Shakey whose owner kicks him out of the house. Now our unlucky hero is forced to wander the streets in search of a new home... 😺 🏠

Escape from your mean, angry owner, battle enemies and explore your way through a foreign environment to find a safe new home. Shakey really needs your help maneuvering and jumping through all of those obstacles and enemies.

Be rewarded for breaking as much stuff as you can! Be a real wild cat to the ones that deserve such treatment. Really explore the capabilities of Shakey and see where this adventure platform game can take you!

Fight your enemies by charging at them with razor sharp claws. Target their heads and backs to perform combos and inflict more damage. It’s not just a regular cat game with jumping and running, there are actual battles that can really make things exciting & interesting.

Interact with the environment to find a way to escape each situation. From setting off explosive chain reactions to driving machinery through walls, the puzzle aspect is based off Shakey's natural ability to destroy things. Explore & be surprised of how detailed and interesting this jumping cat game can become!

Do you have a competitive spirit! Well good news, Shakey's Escape includes an independent leaderboard to add an element of challenge and replayability. Leaderboard scores are based off the combined total of destroyed items, level scores and collected diamonds. 💎

😺 Shakey's Escape – Cat Platform FEATURES 📤
💠 2D platformer running & jumping gameplay
💠 cool storyline
💠 exquisite retro jump games inspired artwork
💠 unique details & 2D game settings
💠 original HD graphics
💠 battles with enemies
💠 unique soundtrack
💠 global leaderboard and rankings
See why we are one of the best platform adventure games.
A journey that you will actually embrace and enjoy!


What's news

- Improved UI
- Improved Graphics
- Improved SFX
- Fixed all the bugs

Download Shakey's Escape mod apk

Download apk - 95 MB

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