Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle 1.6.14 Apk for Android

The description of Road Warrior: Combat Racing

Give life to your Turbo machine. Bathe the road in your rivals' oil and gasoline. Rise to Turbo glory, shiny and chrome!

Arm your Turbo Vehicle with a diverse Arsenal of post-apocalyptic weapons and nitro powered gear and take on the furious road as you race, Turbo Flip and battle your way to victory!

Blow up your rivals in fierce pvp Turbo battle races while defending yourself from unrelenting waves of fiery lead and chaos! Prove your Turbo skill on the mad roads and wastelands of a Desert dystopia as you risk everything in perilous Turbo backflip and tricks to rev up your Turbo engine to the max and leave only Turbo fire and rubble in your wake!


Play nitro-fueled, explosion-filled battle races against players from all over the post-apocalypse world in thrilling, real-time multiplayer race matches full of pure Turbo chaos. Can you backflip, shoot and explode your way to the top of the global and local leaderboards with your Turbo car tuning skills?

Unlock and collect a whole, powerful Turbo car combat Arsenal of post-apocalyptic Turbo racing cars equipped with powerful guns! From fast and slick Turbo sedans to massive, rock 'n' roll death machine Monster Truck Turbos, master each car's unique Riot and Turbo chaos weapons and guns and special ability to be prepared for everything the Turbo chaos of the road throws at you in these post-apocalyptic Desert wastelands!

Upgrade and customize your Turbo car battle vehicles with awesome car combat items and skins and make opponents all over the post-apocalypse world backflip as they witness your Turbo nitro-powered glory, shiny and chrome! Unlock new guns and car tuning customization options as you win more and more Turbo chaos battles in the Desert wastelands!

Execute mad risky Turbo backflips with your Turbo car while you race and combat to rev up your action engines and get a glorious nitro Turbo Speed boost to push your Turbo car racing to the max!

Dominate the Turbo action on the road in the wastelands of a Desert dystopia while powered by a blood-pumping rock 'n' roll soundtrack that will get your heartbeat racing as you backflip and dodge enemy fire and explosions and use your mad Turbo car combat tuning skills to the max!

The open Turbo road is inviting you to conquer it through the Riot Turbo chaos and car combat apocalypse, but out there in the barren and ruthless expanses, only the strongest and gun-savvy car battle vehicles and Monster Truck Turbo drivers survive!

Turbo Speed into a post-apocalyptic Desert dystopia-like world of Turbo chaos battle races and road war-ready Turbo cars, Monster Truck Turbos and other explosion-causing death machines and fight with all you have to keep Turbo car racing to the top and earning new Riot and Turbo Speed action car combat customization items!

Road Warriors from all over the post-apocalypse world are challenging you to join them in action-filled, Turbo fast multiplayer post-apocalyptic combat races! Master each deadly weapon and special skill in your rock 'n' roll Turbo chaos Arsenal of Monster Trucks and Turbo Speed car battle vehicles in order to reach the finish line and become the glorious world champion in every Turbo car racing leaderboard!

Get into your Turbo car battle vehicles, load up your Riot Turbo weapons and race, shoot and Turbo backflip towards your fate as THE action road warrior to rule them all through the rock 'n' roll Turbo flip apocalypse!


Look out for new Turbo Car Tuning Options, Vehicle Customization Skins, Maps, Special Turbo Speed Car Racing Events and Games Modes in the future.

PLEASE NOTE! Road Warrior is a completely free to play battle racing game, but in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use or let someone else use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

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