Puzzle Pests 1.0 Apk for Android

The description of Puzzle Pests

Puzzle Pests is a fiendishly addictive bug-based puzzle game. The aim of Puzzle Pests is simple - clear all the fleas off the game board by blowing them up, sending them through trap doors or matching four fleas of the same color in a straight line or a square formation. But beware! New fleas are being born all the time so you have to keep up with the population growth. Puzzle Pests is packed with puzzles and challenges to keep you coming back for more. Have you got what it takes to beat the pesky fleas?

Hours and hours of insect fun
With three different game modes and cartoon-style graphics, you’ll never get tired of playing Puzzle Pests. Solve 100 puzzle levels, see if you can deal with increasingly more difficult levels in the Round Robin mode or test your mettle under time pressure.

100 Levels of brain-bending fun
Think before you act! Even on the easier levels, you’ve only got a few fleas to eliminate, but you can only shift each of them once. Are you smart enough to guess the right moves?

Round Robin Mode
Fleas are tricky to exterminate, and they keep hatching in the worst places. Place them in a straight line or a square pattern to exterminate them and any adjacent fleas of the same color. In this mode you can take your time to choose your best move, as new fleas will only spawn after you have made your choice.

Against the Clock
In this mode fleas are periodically spawning every few seconds. Try to squash as many fleas as possible to maximize your score before the fleas will overrun you. It’s as simple as scratching an itch. Or is it?

Download Puzzle Pests

Download apk - 41 MB

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