Ninja Worm 1.0.6 Apk for Android

The description of Ninja Worm

Residents of Shiga town, The Worm tribe, had led a prosperous life for centuries. Until that big famine…

It was not possible to find fresh food because of the famine. Attacked by the hungry wild animals, Shiga people were having more and more difficult times day by day.

Having understood that they could not go on for a long time this way, the Wisdom Worm gathered the all tribe together and explained that he had a decision.

In an archaic myth which everybody knew, it was told about Apple Realm which was believed to be the source of the life and where apples were growing up promising the infinite happiness.

Even thought there were others who had set off to try to find the Apple Realm, nothing had been heard from them so far. For the welfare of the Worm tribe a journey was inevitable to make this legend real.

Shinobi Worm was considered appropriate to set out on this journey as he was the bravest member of the tribe. Before he set out on the journey, Shinobi Worm, explained his will to his son Ninja Worm.

- My dear son, if I cannot turn back do not get desperate. You will be my heir to the throne, be prepared to a difficult and long way.

- My dear father. I will do my best for the welfare of our tribe. Don’t be worrying yourself.

Unfortunately, although many seasons passed after Shinobi Worm had set off, they heard nothing from him. The tribe was getting closer to the end, day by day.

It was time for the Ninja Worm. During this dangerous journey the apples and clues his father had left on the way would guide him. To keep the word he had given to his father, Ninja Worm started off.

Who knows, maybe this archaic story would be the salvation of the Shiga people after centuries with the courage of Ninja Worm instead of remaining as a dream...

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