Last Pirate: Survival Island 1.6.2 Apk for Android

The description of Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure

Survival and Pirates in free pirate adventure simulator!

Your survival started on the lost island. Be aware of dangerous creatures from afterlife, sea monsters like kraken, godzilla.
Want to survive? Build a raft and go fishing. Make ark to protect yourself from godzilla, bears and afterlife zombies. See if your crew survived plague!
Fight like a furious nomad and kill your enemies with a mordhau or murder-stroke.

Many days gone, you are a skillfull survivor now. Hence, new survival challenges are waiting for you in the dying light: explore island like a nomad, sail by raft and lead a fishing life, fight with godzilla and kraken. Survival is your goal!

Watch out! Evil from afterlife waits for in the dying light, protect your ark, kill zombies and godzilla.
It is time to become a nomad on island and prolong your survival until your last day.

What's news

Back from the grave to spook you again! Are you ready to meet the risen from the dead?

- The dark Halloween moon curses your enemies, making them less predictable and more powerful.
- Now your weapon is infused with the power of spirits. Can you conquer her.
- A mysterious scarecrow awaits you in the depths of the island. Might be packing some goodies for you.
- Pop into the store on one of those long nights for new offers to assist you against the spooks!

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