Idle Digging 1.7.6 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of Idle Digging Tycoon

Welcome to Idle Digging, the ultimate mobile idle game where you become a master digger and embark on an exciting mining adventure! Unearth treasures, rare artifacts, and valuable resources as you dig deeper into the depths of the earth.

Key Features:

***Idle Mining Mechanics: Tap, dig, and excavate to collect resources while you're away. Your team of diggers continues working tirelessly, maximizing your productivity even when you're not playing.
***Strategic Upgrades: Upgrade your mining equipment, hire skilled workers, and boost your digging speed. Invest in advanced machinery like drills and explosives to reach new depths and uncover hidden treasures.
***Epic Discoveries: Stumble upon rare gems, ancient artifacts, and legendary relics buried deep within the earth. Sell your findings for coins or use them to enhance your digging capabilities, earning greater rewards.
***Expansive Digging Locations: Explore diverse locations around the world with unique geological features. Dig through ancient ruins, icy glaciers, dense forests, and mysterious caves, each offering its own rewards and challenges.
Prestige System: Reach new heights by resetting your progress and gaining prestigious rewards. Ascend to greater depths with each prestige, unlocking powerful bonuses and increasing your digging efficiency.

Embark on an epic mining journey like no other in Idle Digging. Unleash your inner digger, forge your path to wealth and fame, and become the most legendary miner the world has ever seen! Start digging now!

Mod info

Endless money

What's news

- Some minor fixes and optimization

Download Idle Digging Tycoon mod apk

Download apk - 91 MB
Download apk - 58 MB

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