Garage Empire 3.1.1 Apk + Mod for Android

Garage Empire Idle Building Tycoon Racing Game Cover

The description of Garage Empire - Idle Building Tycoon & Racing Game

Welcome to Garage Empire, a game that is a mixture of the idle tycoon genre with a twist of arcade racing on top!

Ever wanted to build your own garage business? Become the boss of your own empire? Well now you can! Become a garage tycoon and take up the challenge of building and managing your own idle garage business where you can expand to multiple locations.


★ Build Your Garage Empire!

Build your garage empire from the ground up. Begin your journey with one humble garage, work on gaining customers, getting rich, fixing cars and racing to expand your garage empire to the next location!

★ Idle, Automate and Get Rich!

Earn money while you idle offline! In this game, your garage manager will keep collecting your cash even when you are offline. The manager will keep the money safe in his vault while you are idle, come back later and collect your cash rewards and become a rich magnate!

★ Race To Be Rich!

Take to the race track and win races to earn racing points and cash to upgrade your garage. You can also boost your race multiplier by serving customers in your garage and use this to earn even more rewards when you race!

★ Upgrade Your Car!

After you have taken your car to the race track, it’s time to upgrade! Use your own garage to improve the performance of your cars and boost your top speed, braking performance, suspension and much more! Each time you upgrade your garage departments you can increase the maximum performance of your own cars!

★ Challenge the Bosses and Unlock New Locations & Cars!

Once your garage is profitable and successful in a location it’s time to race against that area's boss! Once you have won enough races against them you then can drive their car and expand and construct your garage business in the next location!

★ Level Up Your Racer!

You will earn experience points for each race you take part in. When you level up you will unlock a skill point to improve your racer. These skills allow for cooler drifts, longer lasting turbos and will help you race to first place!

In Garage Empire you can become the greatest car garage tycoon in the world! In this game, take up the challenge of building and managing your own garage business, upgrading your cars, repairing your customer’s cars, expanding and racing to win money! You can become the ultimate garage magnate!The more success you have the more new great locations you can unlock, build up, manage and race in!

Take your cars onto the race track and race your opponents to earn even more rewards! You can even race against bosses in bright, colorful fun tracks to win big prizes to improve your car garage!

Upgrade your money flow and get rich by helping to change tires and oil, tuning engines and even hiring more staff and training them up to earn you even more money!

If you like casual idle tycoon games and racing games then you will surely enjoy Garage Empire! Become the ultimate businessman!

If you run into any issues, we will be happy to help. Please send us an email to the address: [email protected]

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Mod info

Unlimited Mony

What's news

  • Welcome to Garage Empire!
  • Version 3.1.1
  • - Fixed a bug causing some text issues after racing
  • - Fixed a bug with some popups
  • - Other bug fixes & improvements
  • Download Garage Empire - Idle Building Tycoon & Racing Game Mod Apk

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