First Fishing 1.0.12 Apk + Mod for Android

The description of First Fishing

Hungry shark hooked! This a new 3d fishing sports game is specially designed for anglers! You can catch fish for free without going out as well as experiencing fun of wild catch! Hunting fish for free with fishing enthusiasts all over the world and join the fishing sports competition! Compete for hitmaster! You can enjoy the thrill of fishing by the lake, river, ocean and fishing land; go fishing anytime in any season! Join Fishing Fever, you’ll be provided with a fishing paradise, and hundreds of rare fish species are waiting for you to discover! Easy fishing, funny gameplay!

* Single Mode: Improve fishing skills in single mode, pull the fish into vortex to consume the fish's HP, and then smoothly catch it into the bag!
* 1v1 Mode: Compete with all playres around the world, see who catch fishes with high fishing points within the specified time. The person with higher fishing points gets victory. Let's start awesome angler games!
* League: Get the League points, promote fishing grade, compete with other anglers on the ranking and get generous league rewards! It's a fishing mania!
* Fish card: Get different kinds of fish species by unlocking various fishing maps. Complete missions and open chests to get fish cards. After upgrading card, weight of the fish, attraction of the bait, and chance of legendary fish hooked will be increased!
* Fishing gear: Unlock and upgrade fishing gears, improve fishing efficiency! Customize gear look and create your own fishing rod.
* Club: Create your epic club, invite your friends to join, share fishing enjoyment!
* Social: Interact with other anglers around the world and share fishing experiences!
* Achievement: Record your best fishing points for each fish, compete with global fishing enthusiast, the title of fishing ACE is yours! Winner slaps!

Game feature:
* Adjust angle, throw rod, fish hooked, pull into vortex and catch fish; simulate realistic fishing with simple operation! Not only can you experience the excitement of fishing, but also enjoy the joy of collecting legendary fish species!
* Realistic graphics and various special effects make you feel like in the real fishing paradise and fishing lands!
* Beautiful fishing paradise, simulate many world’s top fishing paradise (Vermillion Lake, Kentucky Lake, Mekong River, Reina, etc.), Enjoy the beautiful fishing maps while fishing!
* Hundreds of fish species: shark, bass, marlin, catfish, codfish, color bass, white bass, great muskellunge, king giant barb, giant swordfish, great bowfin and so on, there are more extremely rare legendary fish species!
* Many matches, compete in real time, defeat anglers from all over the world, you are the fishing ACE! Winner slaps!
* Various events, huge rewards will be sent!

Fishing Fever is a real simulation fishing hunting game, you can use enter several famous fishing scenes, and experience the joy of hunting different rare fishes in game, such as ocean shark, largemouth Bass, giant marlin and so on! There are at least 15 or more different fishes in each fishing map, which can help anglers know about the fish species in these famous places. As long as the corresponding fish card is used, there is a chance to catch the fish. Upgrade fish card, more legendary fishes hooked, catch big fish even giant rare fish king! You can also join the fishing match to compete for title of fishing ACE! This is a awesome fish blast game! Catch or release? Show your fishing skills! Wild catching, boat catching, ocean catching, it own multiple catching maps! Begin to play this hunting fishing simulator sports game now, join Fishing Fever, experience the fun fishing sports game! Easy fishing, real experience!

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Mod info

Up to 10 times more damage

What's news

* You can use Facebook avatar in game after binding Facebook!
* Optimized the operating system, you will play more smoothly!
* Enhanced the performance of new record animation!
* Optimized the license interface!
* Optimized the in-game text!
* Optimized game performance, give you a better gaming experience!

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Download First Fishing mod apk

Download apk - 72 MB
Download apk - 66 MB
Download mp4 - 2 MB

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