Demons Never Lie 2 – Horror adventure (FULL) 1.3 Apk for Android

The description of Demons Never Lie 2 - Horror adventure

Second chapter of the successful Demons Never Lie - Chapter 1.

After a horrible life, the wheel of reincarnation brings back Peter, an emo teenager who will now face his destiny. Peter's life is now in your hands, help him make decisions and save his soul! Demons Never Lie is a creepy adventure with fantastic plot twists and a unique plot that leaves no one indifferent. Experience this unique interactive experience, with a great, funny, dark and unexpected storyline.


* Attention please: If you haven't played the first chapter (1) yet, don't wait any longer and install it, it’s free!

In the first chapter: You are John, you have passed away and two beings propose you a pact. One of light and one of darkness. John decides to be reborn as a young man and thus have the opportunity to be a better person again. But in return, he must give you his soul.

In this second chapter your soul is reincarnated in Peter and the story repeats itself but now from the point of view of another character. The decisions and the story get complicated and the plot goes to another level.

What will be the consequences? Will you save Peter?


● 100% free, no payment options.
● 100% original and unique. If you like indie games, you’ll love it!
● A solodev game developed in Unity. Please support, it’s really important!.
● A 3D point&click graphic adeventure and visual novel. An interactive story of horror and mistery.
● Amazing 3D animations and HD graphics.

👩‍ IndieBug - Maika Hernandez 👩‍

Hi! I’m the programmer, designer, writer, tester… everything I guess! of Demons Never Lie.

Done with tons of love after 2 years of development, stress, crunch time, sleppless nights and no holidays. This is my very first game, I really hope you like it!

Available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Chinese y Russian. More languages available soon (please, don’t downvote if your language is not on the list, my budget is tight! Thanks!)

What's news

Demon bug fix!

Download Demons Never Lie 2 - Horror adventure mod apk

Download apk - 18 MB
Download zip - 78 MB

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