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Conservation Crisis
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NameConservation Crisis
RequiresAndroid 4.1+

The description of Conservation Crisis

Your paperwork was finished this morning and you now have charge of your wildlife reserve. The Head Ranger is waiting, with your vehicle, at HQ. There is a lot of work to do be done to save the species, so you better get started quickly!

Build projects and schools for the communities around the reserve to ensure they support conservation efforts. Hire vets to head off disease and train rangers to protect your wildlife against poaching.

Be aware there is a poaching militia operating in the area, led by an enigmatic figure calling himself the ‘Colonel’. The militia is highly corrupt and not above setting up checkpoints to try to extract bribes. They pose a constant threat of poaching and there is no sign that they will be leaving any time soon, so how you deal with them is your own choice.

This is a high-stakes situation. The decisions you make will determine the success of your reserve and the fate of your wildlife; the future of the species is in your hands.

Conservation Crisis

Conservation Crisis is a new game where you must race against time to restore and rebuild a wildlife reserve and save an endangered species from extinction.

In the game, you are given a budget of $100,000 of Donor Funding per round, which you must choose how to spend on some the projects below.


Hire vets and rangers to keep your wildlife safe from poaching and disease. Rangers stop poachers hunting your wildlife and provide the safety needed for more wildlife in your reserve. Vets stop disease and help your wildlife to breed.


Work with communities to get them to help you protect wildlife. Build wildlife fences to stop wildlife destroying crops and eating livestock. Run livelihood programmes to fight poverty and turn former poachers into protectors. Build a school to teach the value of conservation and inspire children to become future vets and rangers.


Build tourist lodges to get visitors coming to your reserve. Those visitors will give you the revenue you need to build more projects, hire more staff, and save your wildlife species. Backpacker tourism is low risk, but low reward. The luxury market offers big rewards, but also has big risks.


Dig watering holes to restore the habitat in your reserve and help your wildlife to flourish; the more holes that you dig, the more your wildlife population will grow each round. Run breeding programmes to rescue your species from the threat of extinction and restore wildlife populations back to full health.


Make sure that you keep some money aside in your Crisis Fund to respond to emergencies within the game. If a recession hits, you’ll have to make up for the loss of Donor Funding from your Crisis Fund, and if the poaching militia cause problems you’ll need extra funds to fix your projects and pay staff to keep them at their posts.


Conservation Crisis is based on the real-life challenges of protecting wildlife around the world. The game is designed by a team with a decade of conservation experience in some of the most challenging regions of the world. The game provides a unique insight into the trade-offs and difficulties faced by conservationists, offering a game that is not only great fun to play but also educational.


A share of revenue from every purchase of the game and all in-app purchases within the game will be donated to conservation charities to help protect wildlife around the globe. You can choose which of our charity partners will receive your donation when you first download the game.

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