Call of Defense 1.0.14 Apk for Android

The description of Call of Defense

Call of Defense TD has a unique but simple gameplay style reinventing the tower defense genre! Play solo in an epic campaign or participate in real time multiplayer PVP duels with attack + defense.

- Build your own walls : fortress or maze it's up to you!
- MULTIPLAYER 1v1 : compete to be the best in the ladder or just play with your friends! Real time PVP!
- Place your units and upgrade them according to your own choices to protect your stronghold.
- Monsters can actually attack and destroy walls!
- Solo campaign : 25 beautiful different maps for 30+ levels and many hours of playing!
- 28 unique skills to learn from pure strategist style to shoot'em style!
- An infinity of different items to equip, boosting your characters! Drop them and craft them.
- 3 spells to cast to get yourself out of difficult situations
- a controlable and upgradable balista, each one can have his defense style
- 3 classes for 15 different characters (= towers) and 5 different walls
- 17 unique monsters, including 3 bosses!
- Save points during solo battles, no need to restart from scratch if you lose
- Some bonus maps with fun and original gameplay, not only tower defense style
- Many other features we let you discover 🙂

Call of Defense TD will be updated with new content frequently.
An accessible map editor is already planed if the game meets its audience!

Except for full version, the only buyable content ingame is purely optional and does not add any new level. It is only there to accelerate the progress of hurried people.

Press and budies feedback:
5/5 "This game is awesome!"
120% "I'm addicted! My wife hates you guys."
27/5 "I quit my job, left my family and stopped eating to play Call of Defense TD."

What's news

- You can play up to map 10 instead of 6 with the free version (if you like the game, buy the full version. We need you!)
- The first 3 levels has been reworked and the tutorial has been split in two.
- Xp victory screen is now skippable.
- Prices of skills reduced.
- Some bug and text fixes.

Download Call of Defense mod apk

Download apk - 22 MB
Download rar - 208 MB
Download flv - 30 MB

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