Top 10 generals with unlimited power at the end of the game League of Legends

A League of Legends match can range from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, so there are champions that when the game time is longer, their strength increases significantly. The following article will introduce the 10 strongest late-game champions in League of Legends. Let’s discover who those 10 generals are!

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League of Legends is a MOBA game. The most popular game mode in League of Legends is Summoner’s Rift, where 5 players have to play in 5 different positions including: top, mid, jungle, bot, and support to work together to achieve can destroy the opponent’s main house and win.

I. Purpose of the article

Choose to climb rank

In intense ranked matches, the match time is always extended, so if you use champions with strong late-game promotion power, there is a high chance you will become superior and easy get the win.

Suitable for players with “farmer” gameplay

For those with a moderate, low-impact playstyle, using strong late-game champions helps them ensure that when the game lasts, the power of these champions will come into play.

Know the key strengths/weaknesses of each champion to exploit

list of generals lol

Mastering the strength threshold of each champion at the end of the game is essential, to avoid players being too subjective about the strength of the champion they are using and not being able to imagine that champion is really strong or not.

Build the complete squad and win

League of Legends is a 5-player game, that’s why the element of strategy and teamwork is always at the forefront. The use of “right people in the right place” is a key factor in helping strong late-game champions to unleash their full strength.

II. Top 10 strongest generals to carry the team to the end of the game League of Legends

1. Kayle – Angel of Judgment

Kayle - Angel of Judgment


At level 16, Kayle reaches the required strength threshold with the ability to deal mixed damage.

Hand attacks benefit Kayle in a 1v1 duel or teamfight.

The ultimate allows Kayle to protect herself or the main AD carry on the team and deal a lot of damage.

The ability to quickly push minions helps Kayle reach the power threshold with the necessary amount of equipment


Before reaching level 6, Kayle proved to be quite weak and needed to hold position to get minions.

Kayle depends on the amount of equipment and level needed to reach the power threshold.

Kayle’s resistance is quite weak, prone to shock damage and lying down very quickly.

The Key Point of Nasus

Kayle reaches level 16 and possesses 2 to 3 faction items.

2. Nasus – The Wise Man

Nasus - Wise man


Nasus ‘s strength lies in the accumulation of Q skills when killing minions, with a Q count of more than 1000 at the end of the game you can easily kill any champion with a few uses of Q.

In addition, the dashing ability of the ultimate R along with the ability to slow from W are also very useful tools for Nasus at the end of the game.


The first 10 minutes of Nasus’s game is extremely difficult because the early game Nasus is extremely weak, to get through the early game you need to play defensively and draw with the opponent and wait for the jungle to help.

The Key Point of Nasus

Q stacking ability, 40 – 45% cooldown, fast lane push.

3. Kindred – Eternal Hunter

Kindred - Eternal Hunter


As a ranged jungler, Kindred’s strength lies in collecting bronze seals (this champion’s passive) to increase his attack range and permanently enhance his skills.

With the ability to put strong damage and support good teammates, Kindred always causes discomfort for the enemy team. As time goes on, these abilities will have a long range thanks to the passive accumulation that makes this already annoying Kindred even more annoying.

As a carnivorous jungle general, Kindred is very strong at the beginning of the game with a skill set that is prone to attack. The early ganking and quick passive always put a lot of pressure on Kindred all over the map.


Kindred’s skill set does not have hard control skills, so ganking always needs reasonable support from teammates to make ganking easier.

It’s pretty easy for the camp markers to show up, making Kindred get all farmed out by the enemy jungler.

It takes a significant amount of equipment to bring out the full potential of Kindred.

Kindred’s Key Point 

  • Intrinsic hoarding.
  • There are enough siege equipment.
  • The direction of the tiger forest.
  • The ability to fly a kite.

4. Veigar – Master of Little Demons

Veigar - Little Demon Master


Veigar ‘s power also lies in storing Q to increase magic power.

Is a mid lane mage with a penchant for control and buffs in the late game.

The ability to deal damage to 1 target and control a strong area.


The early game is extremely weak and needs Q passive time.

There is no escape skill, if you miss the E skill, the ability to lie down when there is no flash is very high.

Easily “bullied” by mid lane assassins.

Veigar’s bottom line

  • R skill towards the end of the game will deal tons of damage.
  • Wide range of control.
  • Unlimited magic damage.

5. Vayne – Shadowhunter

Vayne - Shadowhunter


Able to deal true damage with W, is a very strong tank killer in the late game.

The ultimate R skill gives Vayne extra tools to roll around and deal extra damage in teamfights.

With her stealth ability, the longer Vayne survives in combat, the easier it is to deal tons of damage in the enemy team.


Despite being a bot lane ADC, Vayne’s range is quite short compared to current ADCs.

Poor turret ability and easy lead in minion stats.

Depending heavily on equipment, Vayne only really has a say when she has 3 or more items of equipment (Unknown King Sword, Rage Blade, Infinity Sword).

Vayne’s Key Point

  • The W skill that shoots at % of the target’s health makes it very easy to destroy the tanker with Vayne.
  • High mobility and flexibility in combat.
  • Having the ability to control requires high player skill.

6. Senna – Redeemer

Senna - Redeemer


With her soul-picking ability, Senna can increase attack range and crit chance.

The early game lethality equipment is very cheap and easy to build.

Ability to deal damage to enemies and heal allies at a distance.

Has a runaway skill with E and an R skill that deals damage to enemies and creates armor that penetrates the map.


Quite fragile with little blood.

Need good position thinking.

Difficulty encountering assassins ( Pyke , Zed )

Senna’s Key Point

  • It is necessary to use a reasonable set of skills to optimize damage.
  • Both poke and heal teammates.
  • The soul-picking passive will be very strong in the late game.
  • The lethal item set can be redeemed soon.

7. Thresh – Prisoner of Chains

Thresh - Warden of the Chains


Has a high mutant ability with a lot of control from Q (death sentence) and E (spinning scythe)

Thresh ‘s W (lantern) skill is a very useful skill in saving teammates from dangerous situations.

Passive soul picker grants Thresh a steady amount of sustained damage over time

The ultimate gives a wide area slow that makes it easy for Thresh to control the target


Towards the end of the game, Thresh’s effectiveness will decrease

Not a pure tank support champion, so Thresh’s resistance is not too strong

It’s going to be difficult with long-range pokes in the bot lane

Key point

  • Need the ability to use good navigation skills
  • Know how to stay in combat
  • Create mutations during laning phase

8. Sion – Immortal Warrior

Sion - Immortal Warrior


W skill (soul furnace) helps Sion to permanently increase his own health

Has a huge amount of damage from Q (devastating smash)

The ability to initiate an unstoppable fight or escape from the ultimate R (impervious) can take enemies by surprise

Passive (glory of martyrdom) allows Sion to pursue enemies after death


Inability to fight for long

Having difficulty with champions with mobility skill sets

Key point

  • Use Q and R skills carefully because the opponent will easily dodge these 2 skills
  • Make the most of your passive to swap lives with your opponent
  • It takes time to accumulate the W skill to help Sion become stronger at the end of the game

9. Cho’Gath – Void Monster

Cho'gath - Void monster


Good laning thanks to the passive helps Cho’Gath recover more health and mana

Has the ability to knock up Q (rift) and silence (wild roar) that annoys enemies

The amount of blood stored from R (eaten up) helps Cho’gath at the end of the game to be a champion who can achieve a huge amount of health

E skill’s maximum health % damage (spray spikes) helps Cho’gath trade and deal damage in combat


There is no ability to chase so it is easy to fly a kite

There is only one control skill

Key point

  • Know when to use the ultimate to take minions and when to save it to finish off the enemy
  • Good use of orientation skills
  • Shield your teammates in combat

10. Bard – The Universe Buddha

Bard - The boss of the universe


Having a healing skill makes laning with Bard easier

As a support with good roaming ability with passive (miracle world) and skill E (miracle journey)

Bard’s special escape and pursuit from E

The ultimate (mutable destiny) has a high ability to create mutations

Has a hard control skill from Q (space link)


Easy to be caught alone while picking up bells from the passive

The ultimate, if used improperly, will do more damage to teammates than help

Very difficult to master

Key point

  • Precise alignment to get the most out of Q .’s stun
  • Choose the right time to move to pick up the bell and roam to avoid the case of “abandoning” the gunner
  • Know when to use the ultimate R to avoid putting your teammates in danger

Hopefully with this article, you will have a better understanding of the power of the villains at the end of the game in League of Legends. Wishing you all the intense and satisfying matches in Summoner’s Rift. If you find the article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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