Summary of Total war: Shogun 2 cheat codes and the most detailed way to enter

Total war: Shogun 2 is the most successful strategy game in the Total war series , receiving the love of many gamers around the world. If you are a fan of this game, do not ignore the cheat codes in Total war: Shogun 2 and how to enter the most detailed below!

Summary of cheat codes for the game Total war: Shogun 2

Summary of cheat codes for the game Total war: Shogun 2

I. Game Information 

Set in the Warring States period in Japan, Shogun 2 excellently portrays the most chaotic and bloody period in the country’s history. At this time, the Ashikaga shogunatethe most powerful shogunate at that time, was weakened. Players will play as the head of a clan, with the task of leading his clan to victory in wars, to complete the goal of becoming the next shogunate.

II. How to cheat Total war: Shogun 2 with Cheat Engine software

1. Quick Guide

To cheat the stats in the game: Download Cheat Engine > Select the game Total war: Shogun 2 > Enter the initial value > Change the value of the stat you want to change > Enter the value after the change > Change the value at will would like.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Download the Cheat Engine application here.

Step 2: Start the application, select the computer icon in the left corner of the window and select the game Total war: Shogun 2


Select game Total war 2: Shogun 2

Step 3: Enter the initial value of the index you want to change > Click First Scan .

For example, in the current game you have 9000 gold, enter 9000.


Select First Scan

Step 4: Re-enter the game to change that index. For example, I bought 6400 gold.


Enter the game to change the gold stat

Step 5: Open Cheat Engine, enter the value of the index after changing > Click Next scan > The codes of that index will appear on the left > Ctrl + A to select all those lines, then press the red arrow .


Click the red arrow

Step 6: Ctrl + A in the box below > right-click and select Change record > Value >  Enter the number you want to change the stats in the game.


Change record > Value

III. Total War: Shogun 2 cheat code summary

1. Basic Shogun 2 Cheat Code

  • .muchkoku: Unlimited money.
  • .prototypearmy: Make your army invincible.
  • .booyakasha: Build buildings and units faster.
  • .foundmesomeau: Increase your gold.
  • .foundmesomeag: Increase your silver.
  • .foundmesomecu: Increase your copper.
Summary of cheat codes Total war: Shogun 2

Summary of basic Total war: Shogun 2 cheat codes

2. Shogun 2 cheat code using the map

  • .matteosartori: Show the entire map.
  • .daggins: Show the entire map.
Cheat codes for maps

Shogun 2 Map

3. Some other Shogun 2 cheat codes

  • .ifoundmesomecu: Make all provinces in the map provide fields.
  • .conan: Allows you to play the game as a Clan Hojo .
  • .viagra: On the next turn, you will be able to build an army in any province.
  • .spylookahead: Kill any character where your spy doesn’t die.
Build an army

Building an army in Shogun 2

Above are cheat codes and instructions for entering cheat codes for Total war: Shogun 2. Hopefully the article will help you easily go to victory in the game. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions!


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