Summary of the most complete and detailed AOE 2: Age of Empires 2 cheat codes

AOE 2 or Empire 2 is a fairly popular strategy game today. But for those who are new to the AOE 2 game, cheating the game will make it easier for players to feel as well as get used to the game faster. Here is the most complete and detailed AOE 2 cheat code summary article! 

Cheat Code in AOE 2

Cheat Code in AOE 2

I. How to use cheat codes in AOE 2

You open the Chat frame in the game. Then you enter the cheat codes below and press Enter to execute the command.

Chat box to enter cheats

Chat box to enter cheats

II. Summary of AOE 2 cheat codes

1. AOE 2 cheat code for building construction

Aegis : AOE 2 cheat code to build a house quickly.

Speed ​​up house construction

Speed ​​up house construction

2. AOE 2 cheat code for attack

  • Black Death : The opponent will die on their own.
  • Woof Woof : Turns a flying bird into a flying dog.
  • How do you turn this on : Call a car that shoots fast and has strong damage, similar to code Bigdaddy.
  • I r winner : Instant win, same as Black death command.
  • Torpeto (1-8) : Kill enemies from 1 to 8 in order in the list.
  • Natural Wonders : Control some monsters such as crocodiles, birds, elephants, deer…
  • Bigbrther : Summon Big Brother using Rocket.
  • Helloknight : Increases Palladin’s health to 192.
  • Bigdaddy : Summon 1 car with 1 Canon.
  • Wimpywimpywimpy : Self-destruct.
  • Resign : Self-destruct, equivalent to the command Wimpywimpywimp

Attack the opponent

Attack the opponent

3. Map related AOE 2 cheat codes

  • Marco : Command to open the map, but not light.
  • Polo : Empire code to turn off blurry areas on the map.
  • I love the monkey head : Summons a monkey to open the way (like the detector car in AOE 1).
  • Furnious the monkey boy : Summons a red monkey in the Town Center.

Expanded activity map

Expanded activity map

4. AOE 2 cheat code to change resolution

  • 800 : AOE hack code to change screen resolution to 800×600 instantly.
  • 1024 : Immediately change the screen resolution to 1024×768.
  • 1280 : Immediately change the screen resolution to 1280×1024.

5. AOE 2 cheat code to add items

  • Lumberjack : Gives the player about 1,000 Logs.
  • Rock On : Provides about 1,000 Stones.
  • Robin Hood : Gives about 1,000 Gold.
  • Cheese Steak Jimmy’s : Provides about 1,000 food (meat).

6. AOE 2 cheat codes related to sound, pointer, hardware

  • AUTOMPSAVE : Automatically save game
  • NORMALMOUSE : Default Mouse
  • NOTERRAINSOUND : Mute the rain
  • NOMUSIC : Turn off background music
  • NOSOUND : Turn off the sound
  • AWE FREEZES MSYNC : Fix Sound Problems

7. AOE 2 event cheat code

  • photon man : Creates a Photon Man.
  • Tech Tech One Two Free : Making technologies free 
  • Yes We Khan : Turns all of the player’s Mangudai into Genghis Khan
  • Put on your capes : Turns all player infantry into Elite Teutonic Knights
  • grab your pitchforks : Turns all of the player’s Villagers into Flemish Militia
  • cameleon : Turn Camel units owned by any player into flaming Camels

This cheat code applies when completing challenges in final war events and cannot be obtained after the event ends.

8. Some other AOE 2 cheat codes

  • NOSTARTUP : turn off the action sequence
  • MFILL : Fix various display problems

Above is the most complete and detailed AOE 2 cheat code summary article. Hopefully the article will provide you with useful cheat codes while playing AOE 2. Please share it with your friends!

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